May 14, 2009

Design Tips


Hostway Team

Here are some tips that will help you design a professional-looking Web site:

Make your Web site easy to read:

  • Avoid busy backgrounds behind text
  • Choose a legible font and font size
  • Use a font color with high contrast to the background
  • Size the page so the user does not have to scroll horizontally

Make your Web site easy to navigate:

  • Label links so users know exactly where they lead
  • Keep the visitors’ work to a minimum
  • Label tabs and buttons with specific headings
  • Remember that easy to read trumps flashy

Keep the elements consistent throughout the site:

  • Graphics
  • Typefaces
  • Headings
  • Hyperlinks

Optimize your download speed:

  • Include graphics with the smallest possible file size that doesn’t compromise resolution
  • Limit the use of animations and other elements that take a long time to download

Make a mock-up

It may be helpful to create a mock-up of your Web site in a program like Adobe PhotoShop or by sketching it out on paper. This can serve as a guide when you begin using HTML Editors and programming your Web site.

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