Design Your .Mobi Web Site

Hostway Tech Team - May 14, 2009

Less is more when it comes to mobile Web design. A good mobile Web site is simple and designed with users’ needs front and center. The mobile Web user wants an experience that is:

  • Quick
  • Doesn’t incur excessive data transfer fees
  • Easy to understand

Screen Size

The size of your visitors’ screens will help define your design. If your primary audience uses smart phones and PDAs, their screens are larger. If your audience has the typical clamshell or candy bar phones, you’ll need a smaller design.


Typical Web site layout does not translate well into a .mobi Web site. The most common .mobi Web site layout is a vertical list with an escape route to the next section, previous section or home page.

Graphics and Text

Limit your graphics and text to the necessities so that your pages load quickly and are easy to read on small screens. For graphics, include the company logo at the top of the page and perhaps a map with your driving directions, but eliminate purely decorative graphics.

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