June 19, 2017

Spotlight on Security: How Hostway's Head ‘Bouncer’ Stays on Top of Today’s Threats


Hostway Team

Tall, broad, and bald, Peter Marsh fits the image of a man leading a security team. But unlike the bouncers that protect the clubs that line Austin, Texas’s busy Sixth Street, Peter guards Hostway's most valuable possession—our customer’s data. 

Slightly more than six months ago, Peter joined Hostway as the Director, Security Services, to oversee our 24x7x365 diligent security team, also known as the Security Operation Center (SOC), as well as development of security services. Enticed by the opportunity to guide the team into the managed security space and to implement improved security features, Peter jumped right in. “Hostway's progress in compliance initiatives and infrastructure set a great foundation for continuing to offer above and beyond security measures,” he concluded.
Peter has over twenty years of IT and security experience. From a start in systems administration after attending Texas A&M, to Tech Lead and Senior Systems Engineer for Rackspace’s largest customers, Peter grew in the field of information technology. At Datapipe, Rackspace, and Home Depot, he managed mission critical apps and provided high-level technical expertise to SaaS providers. As the Information Security Officer at Kinnser Software, Peter oversaw the security operations of a HIPAA-covered business associate and electronic health records (EHR) provider.
He’s since spent the last several years focusing on internet and cloud security. “With the increase of information on the internet, security is at the forefront of interest and importance. It’s a top priority for many companies, and if it’s not, it should be,” Peter says when asked why he’s chosen a career in online security.
To stay ahead of the hackers, DDoS attacks, internet hijacking, and other cyber-attacks, Peter follows industry trends. He attends conferences like Blackhat and Defcon to gain insider information on prevention and emerging threats.
When he’s not blocking attackers from threatening Hostway servers, Peter enjoys spending time with his wife and pets in Austin, Texas. They are avid bicyclists and sailors, and volunteer and foster with local animal shelters. Peter is a vegetarian who loves Indian food and traveling. To date, his favorite trips have been to Alaska and Peru.

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