January 22, 2010

Does Every PPC Campaign Need a Separate Landing Page?


Hostway Team

By Ronda Suder

Does every pay-per-click (PPC) campaign need a separate landing page? Yes, it does.

Better for SEO

By creating a separate landing page for each PPC, you are allowing for more ‘love’ from the search engines for your product or service. In other words, a landing page dedicated to a single PPC campaign allows for a targeted focus on a specific item or service that customers are looking for, and when they click on your link, the landing page has the entire information specific to that item or service. Search engines like relevancy, so they rank a more targeted page higher than a general one.

Better for Your Customers

In addition, a single landing page makes the process easier for the customer, which means a better chance of conversion for you. If there’s more than one specific product or service on a landing page, then you’re giving the customers more options, which means they may need more time to think, and thus, more time to buy. If a customer is clicking on your link for a certain product, then that’s what they’re looking for. Don’t confuse them or add to their decision making process (by delaying it) by directing them to a page with more than one product or service on it.

Better for You

Keeping it simple means you spend less time on analytics. By having a separate landing page for each PPC campaign, you won’t have to sift through and separate the data about sales, conversion and traffic that comes to your site. It will be clear why visitors came, and you won’t have to separate conversion rates between the different campaigns on a single site, or determine what traffic was coming to your site for what campaign. It’s even confusing to try to state it clearly!

In summary, a single landing page for each PPC Campaign can keep it simple and focused for the consumer as well as the business owner, which means more conversions for the company.

About the Author

Ronda Suder has more than nine years of experience as a professional writer. Her company, RRS Communications, provides creative and technical writing services, including consulting and writing services to Internet marketers and businesses with a focus on articles, keyword, SEO and Web site content. She has a Master’s in Human Resources and Industrial Relations and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with extensive training in writing and editing.

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