May 14, 2009

Electronic Newsletter Ads


Hostway Team

Electronic newsletters can land your advertising message right in your prospect’s email inbox. Your customers sign up to receive e-newsletters, so your message is received in a welcome context. And, because readers have signed up for the e-newsletter, responses to the ads are generally higher than those for banner ads.

Identify E-newsletters

You will want to place your e-newsletter ads in publications that are widely read by your target audience. Look for associations, causes and periodicals that have an obvious tie-in to your Web site. For example, if you make curtains, an interior design e-newsletter would be a good place to advertise.

Place Your Ad

Once you identify e-newsletters that fit with your Web site, contact the e-newsletter publishers to negotiate prices for your ads. Be sure to ask how many people receive the e-newsletters and how often they’re published.

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