January 22, 2010

Email Marketing: How to Get Beyond Open Rate to a Conversion


Hostway Team

By Mac Cassity

Having an email marketing list gives you the potential to bring in a good income from every email you send out. But if you just dash off an email and send it out without much thought to the contents, you will be disappointed with the conversion rate.

You need to put a lot into the design and creation of your email for it to convert successfully. It is good to be able to check your statistics and see that a high percentage of people have opened your email. Hopefully a good number of those will have read it as well.

But how many will go on to visit your Web site and interact with your business – which is what you want in the end?

Setting up the Sale

If you have a good solid email that converts, you will make more money from it. It is that simple. And you can begin by focusing on the purpose of your email in each case. If you are not considering why you are writing your email before you begin, you will not end up with something worth sending. So find a reason for creating it in the first place. Do you want to announce a new product on your Web site? Do you want to give your valued email subscribers a discount to take advantage of?

Strong Call to Action

Once you’ve got something in mind, you can work with it to create an email that converts readers into buyers. This requires a good strong call to action. It is not enough to present information to your readers without actually guiding them to do what you want them to do.

For example, you might want them to buy a new product from your Web site. Your first instinct might be to tell them all about it and then let them make their own mind up about whether to buy it or not. But don’t be nervous about nudging them in the right direction. This is what a call to action is all about. If you want them to visit your Web site and buy your product, tell them. Tell them to visit your Web site now and take advantage of the low introductory price that will soon be going up. Tell them how the product will help them do or achieve something. You’ll be surprised the effect it can have.

You must also make sure you keep everything as simple as possible. Think about how you read emails. Which ones do you read through to the end, and which ones do you delete?

Short, simple and focused emails are what you need to aim for. Revise and revise again to keep them tight and to the point. You will get a better conversion rate if you can appeal to your audience in a short succinct email that has a strong call to action.

Do your current emails meet these requirements? If they don’t, now is the time to make a change and focus on your emails making your business more money.

About the Author

Mac Cassity is a seasoned internet marketer with more than 13 years of
experience in making money online. His Web site www.PerfectNetworker.com has allowed Mac to grow and service a client base in the tens of thousands and reach a presence in more than 40 countries.

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