August 6, 2014

Email: Still King of Business Communication


Hostway Team

emailcolorfulWhile a range of avenues have cropped up in recent years that allow people to connect with one another in new ways, hosted email solutions are still considered the king of business communication. Hosted email is such a critical part of a company's contact infrastructure, yet many continue to downplay its role, or leverage a new system instead. While there are no doubt several different options when it comes to business communication, email is still oftentimes the best.

Demand Media's Kristie Lorette pointed out that there are specific situations where email is the ideal form of communication to deliver the needed abilities and benefits. On some occasions, text messages and free mail solutions just won't cut it; the user needs a reliable communication avenue that will ensure supported collaboration between the sender and receiver.

The best situations for email
When it comes time to send blanket messages to an entire staff, no other platform is better suited than email. Additionally, this form of communication can provide added advantages in this type of setting as well.

"Sending simple messages to an entire workforce with just the click of a mouse is fast, easy. convenient and can save the company money," Lorette wrote. "If saved, the email can function as proof of a message sent or received, and is easily accessible to remind the recipient of pertinent information."

Top benefits offered by hosted email: Instant communication
But the advantages of a hosted email system in a corporate setting don't end there. Demand Media's Kyra Sheahan also noted the reduced communication timeframe offered by email systems. The technology has all but eliminated fax as a means of sending documents due to the speed and ease with which such tasks can be carried out. Furthermore, in many cases, it is much more professional and reliable than other avenues, like SMS or free mail messages.

"In just a click of a button, businesses can send time-sensitive information to anyone in the world and the recipient gets the message almost instantaneously," Sheahan wrote. "This type of fast, effective exchange allows people to stay on top of projects, respond to communication requests with more efficiency and be more productive."

Mobile workforce accessibility
Hosted email is also the preferred communication platform in offices supporting remote workforce members. These are a unique breed of workers that need to remain in constant contact with their colleagues and have to reliably access mission-critical materials at all times no matter their location. What other system can provide these abilities like hosted email? With a hosted email solution in place, even the most distant staff members can remain in the loop with the rest of the company. And with a hosted email solution provider like Hostway on hand, administrators can be sure that the system is always on and always accessible.

Marketing potential
In addition to replacing aging technology, email has also taken the place of many by-mail advertising campaigns. Instead of creating a costly, physical ad to send out to individuals by snail mail, companies are now more often engaging in email ad campaigns. As users now have the option to receive nearly every message digitally, this is a smart move on the part of these businesses. Not only are email campaigns more cost-effective, but they also have the potential to reach a larger portion of the market.

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