February 26, 2015

Webinar: Find Your Emergency Exit: Abandon Windows Server 2003


Hostway Team

ws2003Microsoft’s End-of-Life date for the sinking ship of Windows Server 2003 is near, and lifeboats are being deployed for passengers who’ve been afraid to change.

The implications of inaction are clear: No patches, no compliance, no security updates. A slow descent into the sea, where predatory hackers await.

Migration is the answer – and it might not be as huge an undertaking as it seems. For customers without custom applications or specialized code, it’s a simple transition – and for others, it’s still imperative to do.

Join Hostway Senior Product Manager John Hamner for our Spiceworks-sponsored webinar, "Find Your Emergency Exit: Abandon Windows Server 2003," on March 3 at 1 p.m. Learn more about the next steps for businesses stuck on WS 2003.

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