February 18, 2010

Gain More Fans on Facebook


Hostway Team

By Monique Martin

Facebook fan pages are a must-have in the modern business world. They’re indexed by search engines and are visible without a login making them invaluable marketing tools. But, the key to a good fan page is fans. Lots of them. Here are a few ways you can gain fans on Facebook.

Engage the Fans You Already Have

The best way to get more fans is to further engage the fans you already have. The more your fans talk about you, the more others will see your brand and want to become fans themselves.

Make your page the place to talk about whatever it is your business offers. If you sell bicycles, make your fan page the ultimate forum for bike discussions. Ask questions. Get them involved. Don’t talk at your fans, talk to them.

Be sure your page has frequently updated content. Post images, video, interviews and information. Keep it interesting and rich. Don’t over-update. Facebook is a marathon, not a sprint. Use the “send an update to fans” feature judiciously.

Offer Facebook exclusives. There's got to be a special, standout reason for people to become a fan. Give them special coupons, exclusive video, interviews or other information not available from any other source.

Add apps to your page to increase visitor engagement. There are tens of thousands of apps available; take the time to look for a few that work well with your brand.

Find the superfans and make a special effort with them. Nothing beats having a small army of fans out there signing your praises in the community.

Tag and be tagged. When someone tags you (talks about you), the post will appear on your wall. Join the conversation. Encourage your current fans to tag. And, don’t forget to tag your superfans in your own content.

Find fresh fans

Understand the Facebook demographic. Sixty percent of Facebook users are under 35 and just over 40 percent have college degrees. Make the most of your campaign to gain fans by targeting content to the available audience.

Join relevant groups. You can’t afford to be passive on Facebook. Seek out groups that are related to your business. Post and engage users. Invite them to be fans.

Use other social media like Twitter and LinkedIn to drive people to your fan page. Use the Facebook Twitter app.

Put a link to become a fan in all of your outgoing emails and marketing messages. Use Fan Box on your Web site. Mention your fan page everywhere, even in traditional print.

Create a custom landing tab for visitors. Instead of having new users land on your wall tab where they can get lost, create a custom tab with visitor specific content that drives them to become a fan.

There’s no secret bullet for gaining fans. Provide rich, quality content, and be part of the community. Make interacting on your fan page part of your normal marketing process and you can build a fan base to be proud of.

About the Author

Monique Martin served as chief operating officer for a successful online insurance marketing firm for five years.

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