March 10, 2015

Get a High-Performance, Front-to-Back Magento Solution


Hostway Team

magento-logoThe modern e-commerce firm is looking for more than just the infrastructure to run its Magento platform. To fulfill all its related needs, the ideal partner would be a one-stop shop for migration, optimization, support and administration of its e-commerce presence.

Hostway’s offering has evolved to fit this industry demand for a full-service Magento solution, offering the flexibility, expertise and responsiveness that any robust e-commerce site requires.

For Hostway, providing infrastructure is only the beginning:

  • We have the know-how to migrate your data and optimize your configuration with minimal fuss
  • As a Magento Partner since 2012, we have the product-specific expertise to cater to your needs:
    • Employ dedicated or shared servers based on your needs and budget
    • Use Community or Enterprise edition of Magento based on the scale of your operation
  • Our support team can tackle your Magento-related concerns up to the first line of code at any hour
  • A solution designed to support PCI compliance initiatives
  • We serve as your system administrator for all your Magento-related requests
  • Connect with our array of Magento partners to customize your site’s look, feel and functionality

Take advantage of the breadth of services Hostway provides to support your Magento deployment.

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