May 15, 2009



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Google is currently the most popular Internet search engine, rising to prominence in recent years because it developed an algorithm that returns good search results. Google’s method is loosely based on the principles of democracy. The formula assumes that when one Web site links to another, the first Web site is affirming the value of or "voting" for the second one. The Web site with the most links pointing at it is the most valuable and ranks the highest.

But Google didn’t stop there. People could easily manipulate their rankings under that system, so Google also analyzes the quality of the Web site with the link. This system is so successful in returning relevant results that other search engines have begun using versions of it as well.

Finding Sites through
Quality Links

Google's system for rating the number and quality of inbound  links to a Web site is called "PageRank." Links on Web sites with a high page rank and a similar topic to your site can boost your search engine ranking for a given keyword. To view the PageRank of any Web site, simply download Google’s toolbar.

Optimize Your Web Site for Google

There are things you can do to increase your rank in Google’s search results. Among them are:

  • Offer valuable content that is rich in keywords
  • Establish links to your site from quality Web sites
  • Match the keywords in your meta tags to the content of your site

Aside from these, Google offers some tips for helping your rank in its search engine. You can read about it here.

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