June 12, 2013

Hosted Exchange – I Want My Email and I Want It Now.


Hostway Team


Did you know that approximately 144.8 billion emails are sent daily across the globe? According to Mashable, the average knowledge worker spends 11.2 hours a week reading and answering emails, consuming about 28% of each workday.  In the time it takes to read this sentence, 20 million emails were written. Needless to say, email is an integral part to the functioning of almost every business around the globe. But those stats just refer to the “typical” 8-5 workday – how many people really work those hours these days?  In exchange for a more flexible schedule, many people have to be “on” around the clock, outside the office.  They must be able to access their data from anyplace at anytime.  Can your employees do this? With more and more workers demanding increased email accessibility, universal access is now less a luxury than a requirement.

Here at Hostway, we offer a solution for providing your employees access to their email anytime, anywhere.  Hosted Exchange enables you to have Microsoft Exchange without the expense of investing in your own server farm to run it.

Choosing Hostway to provide your email communications offers five major benefits:

  1. Your entire team gets anytime, anywhere access to their data from any Internet connection or mobile device.  Data is automatically synchronized across multiple devices, saving time and making employees more effective.
  2. You can collaborate efficiently on projects, sharing calendars, tasks and important contacts. The shared portal can act like a virtual message board, promoting smooth teamwork.
  3. Using our hardware, infrastructure, and personnel saves you money on equipment and software you would have to purchase, administer, and maintain in-house.
  4. Your IT staff, if you have one, can focus on supporting other business-critical applications and user needs.  Hostway is on duty 24/7 to keep your communications online.
  5. In the event of a lost or stolen mobile device, Hostway can perform a remote device wipe to protect your valuable information.

Act now and take advantage of two great offers: a free 30-day trial of Exchange and free Outlook software, the world’s most popular email and calendar management system. Don’t wait – call 877.798.6239 or click chat to speak to one of our representatives today!

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