June 12, 2013

Hostway's Holiday Gift


Hostway Team


Hostway isn’t just a company; it’s also a member of the communities in which we do business. Furthermore, we’re a member of the global community.  As a result, we couldn’t help but be moved by the suffering we saw when Hurricane Sandy hit the Eastern seaboard of the United States back in October 2012. During the holiday season, Hostway normally sends its partners and customers small holiday gifts. This year, in light of the devastation caused by the hurricane, we decided to do something different.

Hostway took the money normally allocated for holiday gifts and donated it to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts through the American Red Cross.  On April 2, 2013, Hostway presented a check in the amount of $10,000 to the Red Cross’ San Antonio chapter to help those who continue to be affected by the aftermath of the superstorm.


Contributions to Superstorm Sandy efforts will continue to support people with long term needs such as housing and community assistance clean-up and repair items, physical and mental health services, and distribution of food and water. Hostway’s contribution will boost the continuing effort to support our neighbors on the East coast.

“Like so many others watching the devastation unfold on television, our hearts were broken for the thousands of residents affected by Superstorm Sandy,” said John Martis, Hostway President and CEO. “Motivated to make a meaningful impact to aid recovery efforts, we decided to make this contribution to the Red Cross in lieu of our usual holiday corporate gifts, and we encouraged other businesses to do the same. Many of our clients expressed how grateful they were that we’d decided to put that money to good use helping people get back on their feet, rather than sending them some over-commercialized trinket.”

At Hostway, we are dedicated to being good corporate citizens, and know that there’s more to being a good company than just making money.  We do good work, but we believe in doing works of good as well.

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