Support Administration


SiteControl Included Custom/Billable
Resending SiteControl Login Details icon-greencheck
Guiding users through SiteControl icon-greencheck
Feature Errors icon-greencheck
Slither Diagnostic Errors icon-greencheck
Customer Information Management icon-greencheck
OX App Suite Management icon-greencheck
Changing Nameservers for Domains icon-greencheck
CGI Scripts Included Custom/Billable
Basic Troubleshooting (check logs, syntax, interpreter path) icon-greencheck
CGI File/Directory Permissions icon-greencheck
Checking for Invalid Carriage Returns icon-greencheck
Troubleshooting CGI Errors icon-greencheck
SSL Included Custom/Billable
Generating CSR’s for use with any signing company icon-greencheck
Purchasing certificate on behalf of the customer icon-greencheck
Ordering of SSL certificates icon-greencheck
Installation of SSL certificates icon-greencheck
Troubleshooting SSL icon-greencheck
PHP Included Custom/Billable
Customer specified php.ini changes icon-greencheck
Installation of Repository Supported Modules icon-greencheck
Basic Script Troubleshooting (check logs, syntax, permissions) icon-greencheck
Installation of newer version of PHP via 3rd party repository icon-greencheck
Custom PHP Compilations icon-greencheck
Plesk* Included Custom/Billable
DNS Management icon-greencheck
Troubleshooting FTP icon-greencheck
Creating a FTP user icon-greencheck
Setting up a site in Plesk icon-greencheck
Managing and Troubleshooting Email in Plesk icon-greencheck
Installation of Plesk icon-greencheck
Plesk Upgrades icon-greencheck
Plesk Migration Manager icon-greencheck
Plesk Backup and Restores icon-greencheck
Creating users and databases (though Plesk only) icon-greencheck
Troubleshooting Firewall icon-greencheck
Installation of Plesk Packages and Components icon-greencheck
Plesk License Management icon-greencheck
SpamAssassin icon-greencheck
Escalation to Parallels icon-greencheck
phpMyAdmin icon-greencheck
MySQL Databases Included Custom/Billable
Basic Add/Remove/Configuring of databases icon-greencheck
Restore/Importing/Migrating of databases icon-greencheck
Granting Privileges icon-greencheck
Queries icon-greencheck
Repairing Tables icon-greencheck
Troubleshooting Connection Errors icon-greencheck
Basic customer-specified changes to my.cnf icon-greencheck
MS-SQL Databases Included Custom/Billable
Basic Add/Remove/Configuration of databases icon-greencheck
Queries icon-greencheck
Truncating Logs icon-greencheck
User Permission Issues icon-greencheck
Troubleshooting Connection Errors icon-greencheck
FTP* Included Custom/Billable
User and password reset for default authentication mechanisms icon-greencheck
Troubleshooting Connection Errors icon-greencheck
Passive FTP Configuration and Firewall Rules icon-greencheck
Add/Remove FTP Users* icon-greencheck
DNS Included Custom/Billable
Managing Zones/Records* icon-greencheck
Removing Zones/Records* icon-greencheck
Moving Zones between Accounts/Products* icon-greencheck
PTR’s* icon-greencheck
Linux Included Custom/Billable
Permissions icon-greencheck
Basic User Management (passwords, subdirectories, etc) icon-greencheck
Manual Advanced User Management (User-name, Quota, etc) icon-greencheck
Troubleshooting Disk Space Issues icon-greencheck
Troubleshooting Memory or Load Issues icon-greencheck
Troubleshooting Programs provided by Support OS repositories icon-greencheck
Troubleshooting System Log File icon-greencheck
Installation of Third Party Software icon-greencheck
Installation of Packages already Supported by the OS icon-greencheck
Crontab Jobs icon-greencheck
Symbolic Links icon-greencheck
Copying/Moving Data icon-greencheck
Iptables Rules icon-greencheck
Package Upgrades (provided by supported OS reposities) icon-greencheck
Software RAID Management icon-greencheck
Custom kernel/modules icon-greencheck
Customer specified sysctl settings icon-greencheck
System Log File Rotation icon-greencheck
Apache Included Custom/Billable
Troubleshooting Apache Startup Errors icon-greencheck
Restart Service icon-greencheck
DocumentRoot Paths icon-greencheck
ServerAlias Configuration icon-greencheck
Apache Extended Server Status icon-greencheck
Log Paths icon-greencheck
Suexec icon-greencheck
(Re)creating Document Root Folder icon-greencheck
Troubleshooting HTTP Error Codes (404, 500) icon-greencheck
Setting up sites manually in Apache* icon-greencheck
Setting up SSL certificates in Apache* icon-greencheck
Adjusting MaxClients settings icon-greencheck
htaccess authentication icon-greencheck
cPanel Included Custom/Billable
Upgrades* icon-greencheck
Apache Rebuild via WHM icon-greencheck
PHP Rebuild via WHM icon-greencheck
DNS Management* icon-greencheck
Email Management* icon-greencheck
Setting up webspace* icon-greencheck
Windows Included Custom/Billable
Permissions icon-greencheck
Troubleshooting Disk Usage icon-greencheck
Troubleshooting Load Issues icon-greencheck
System Log File Investigation icon-greencheck
Installation of Third party applications icon-greencheck
Copying/Moving Data icon-greencheck
Windows Firewall Management icon-greencheck
Windows Update Management icon-greencheck
Installation of Windows Components icon-greencheck
Software RAID Management icon-greencheck
Mapping Drives between Servers icon-greencheck
IIS Included Custom/Billable
SSL Installation and Troubleshooting icon-greencheck
Changing Default File (index.html default.aspx) icon-greencheck
IIS User Permissions icon-greencheck
Setting up Sites in IIS* icon-greencheck
(Re)creating Document Root Folder icon-greencheck
Troubleshooting HTTP Error Codes (404, 500) icon-greencheck
Password Protection icon-greencheck
Networking Included Custom/Billable
Internal VLAN’s icon-greencheck
Crossover Connections icon-greencheck
Troubleshooting of traffic not reaching its destination icon-greencheck
Troubleshooting packet loss or poor network performance icon-greencheck
Binding/Unbinding IP Addresses icon-greencheck
Firewalls** Included Custom/Billable
NAT icon-greencheck
Transparent icon-greencheck
Addition/Removal/Management of Rules icon-greencheck
Firewall Configuration Backups icon-greencheck
Basic VPN Support icon-greencheck
Escalation to Cisco Support icon-greencheck
Load Balancing** Included Custom/Billable
Add/Remove Servers from LVS Pool icon-greencheck
Health Check Configuration (TCP, HTTP, MD5) icon-greencheck
Iptables mangle/fwmark Configuration icon-greencheck
Persistence Timeout Settings icon-greencheck
Persistence Granularity icon-greencheck
Review/Provide Health Checker Logs icon-greencheck
Review/Provide ipvsadm stats icon-greencheck
Round Robin icon-greencheck
Weighted Distribution icon-greencheck
Direct Route Load Balancing (Linux Only) icon-greencheck
NAT Load Balancing icon-greencheck
Monitoring Included Custom/Billable
PING Monitoring icon-greencheck
Server Monitoring icon-greencheck
Port Monitoring icon-greencheck
Advanced Monitoring icon-greencheck
Security & DDoS Attacks Included Custom/Billable
Process Analysis icon-greencheck
Traffic Graph Analysis icon-greencheck
Rootkit and Virus Scan Analysis icon-greencheck
Attempt to find point of Intrusion (on a case-by-case basis) icon-greencheck
Attack mitigation where possible icon-greencheck
Copying of Data from Compromised Server to New Server icon-greencheck
Hardware & OS Included Custom/Billable
Performing Server Maintenance and Upgrades icon-greencheck
Firmware Updates icon-greencheck
Memory Testing icon-greencheck
Diagnostics using Dell OpenManage icon-greencheck
Replacement of Faulty Hardware icon-greencheck
Re-image of Operating System (on a case-by-case basis) icon-greencheck
rsync OS to New Hardware and Boot the Server icon-greencheck
Backup** Included Custom/Billable
Installation of R1Soft Agent icon-greencheck
Troubleshooting of Backup Failures icon-greencheck
File/Directory Restores icon-greencheck
Bare Metal Restores icon-greencheck
Retention Changes icon-greencheck
Quota Changes icon-greencheck

Hostway Support reserves the right to refuse any administrative services upon review.

*Larger requests may incur an additional charge

**Upon subscription to the optional add-on service

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