February 10, 2010

Increase Sales with a Webinar


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By Tammy Elizabeth Southin

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a Webinar is priceless for your small business. Webinars can help sell products or services through visually appealing demonstrations and client interactions. Now is the time to put aside your camera-shy tendencies and put Webinars to work for you with these tips to get started in one of the most cost-effective marketing tools available.

Simply, a Webinar is a seminar conducted online that offers the professionalism of traditional seminars but delivered in a more convenient format. Best of all, Webinars do not require a lot of complicated equipment or technical savvy. If you have a computer, Internet access, and a phone line, you're in the Webinar business.

How Will a Webinar Help Me Sell?

Compared to the exorbitant expenses involved with hosting and attending seminars, Webinars are an inexpensive alternative. Your clients no longer have to sacrifice time and money to attend a live demonstration. Moreover, you save yourself from the costs of traveling to meet with your clients on their turf.

Greater Customer Reach

Trying to provide a conference to a widely spread client base at one time is nearly impossible. Webinars offer the convenience of flexible scheduling to help reach more of your clients across the country or around the world. Since Webinars are usually recorded, those clients unable to participate can access your Webinar at their convenience.

Communicate With Your Clients

Before Webinars, Webcasts were widely used as sales pitch tools but proved ineffective due to the one-way delivery mode. Webinars encourage client interaction and are valuable arenas for sharing information. Answer questions on-the-spot or generate immediate feedback by using polls or questionnaires.

Bring Your Products to Life

Because most people are geared for visual stimulation, imagine the benefits of being able to see your product in action. Webinars let you demonstrate your goods or provide examples of your services in a lively format. Give your viewers a real "aha" moment of discovery with a memorable Webinar, as opposed to a sleep-inducing list of features and instructions.

A few tips to make your Webinar a sales success:

  • Plan your presentation ahead of time for greater confidence and professionalism.
  • Keep your Webinar to a manageable length; usually no longer than one hour.
  • Send registered clients handouts that they can download before the Webinar.
  • Allow a few moments for clients to sign in, then start and finish on time.
  • Conduct your Webinar in a space free from clutter and distractions.
  • Wear clothing that prevents you from fading into the background.

Using Webinars as part of your overall marketing strategy can greatly enhance your Web presence and effectively promote your small business brand. Put your best face forward with Webinars that will make your company a star attraction and add to your sales figures.

About the Author

Tammy Elizabeth Southin is the president and creative director of Insurepronews Creative Solutions Inc., a small business offering customized newsletters and communication solutions to insurance brokers.

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