February 2, 2010

Introduction to Web Site Architecture


Hostway Team

By Sangeeta Deogawanka

So you have decided to build your own Web site or redesign your existing Web site to better suit the needs of your business. How would you go about it?

You have plenty of stuff that you want to put up on your Web site. However, it does not make sense to put it all on one page. Rather than clutter information, it is best to split it up in ways that make it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for. This involves deciding upon the content and planning of the page layout. The planning of pages and designing of the Web site layout for easy access to information, is called Web site architecture. This forms the foundation of your Web site and the gateway to boosting your sales.

Like conventional architecture, Web site architecture involves designing and planning on paper or computer, keeping in view the end-user and customer. While content used in the Web site is important, the presentation or style is the focus in Web site architecture. This includes arranging the information in a manner that is easy for your customer to understand.

Functional Aspect

Information is categorized and spread through the Web site in a manner that offers easy navigation between pages. This renders easy functionality. So if a visitor wants to know about your business, he can find it on the about us page in addition to the home page. To contact you for information about your product or service, he would visit the contact us page. Sales conversions could occur via the shopping cart page or buy now tab.

So how would a first-time visitor to your Web site know to access these pages? It is simple. The home page should contain tabs at the top navigation bar to lead the way.


Another aspect of Web site architecture is the aesthetics or look of the Web site. This is equally important in the cut-throat business world, where Web sites are your faces. First impressions matter. So your Web site needs to be attractive with graphics and pictures and professionally presented.


Web site architecture takes into account all the technical issues involved that give a visitor an enhanced experience. Fast downloads and Search Engine Optimized (SEO) drivers are factors taken into account.

So what are you waiting for? Start planning your own Web site and walk the road to success.

About the Author

The author is a freelance business consultant, offering her expertise in traffic analyzing for revenue driven Web site modeling, Ad procurement and online marketing.

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