December 12, 2016

It's Not All About The Cloud, Says Hostway CEO


Hostway Team

Emil Sayegh, our CEO, spoke at the NexGen Cloud Conference and Expo telling the audience, “It's not all about cloud."
That’s a catchy quote, for sure, but there is a whole lot more meaning behind it, which is based on our experience working with customers. Emil was also quoted as saying, "I cannot describe to you how many companies come to us and say, 'We are overspending with AWS, overspending with Azure."
Cloud Computing Technology

Hybrid cloud is a construct that solves a lot of problems and eliminates a lot of risks associated with the traditional cloud.

Emil says that hybrid infrastructure connecting clouds with on-premises networks, for most customers, is the right solution. Some workloads are great sitting in the cloud. Others, often those with predictable loads, like databases, typically achieve greater cost efficiencies on dedicated gear.

Read this CRN article for a full report on Emil’s remarks at NexGen.

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