February 9, 2016

Keeping the Internet Fair: Hostway Joins the i2 Coalition


Hostway Team

i2cHostway is proud to announce our membership in the Internet Infrastructure Coalition (i2Coalition), a group that ensures the continued growth of the Internet infrastructure industry.
Founded in 2012, the Internet Infrastructure Coalition is the leading voice for hosting companies, data centers, registrars and registries, and software services providers. i2C has made great strides on initiatives like open access, mass surveillance, cybersecurity, patent reform, customer privacy, and more. The organization continually adds resources, expanding its priorities based on member-driven initiatives.
i2Coalition supports the continued growth of the Internet, fostering innovation in the infrastructure industry. i2C’s Working Groups drive its activities, and all members are invited to join. Member Working Groups include the Public Policy, Internet Governance, Best Practices, and Gender Diversity in Internet Infrastructure.
Hostway Web & Apps General Manager John Enright emphasized the importance of the role played by the i2Coalition in ensuring the Internet can continue to grow unimpeded.
“The Internet’s growth is fueled by competition and innovation by companies that depend on an open and level playing field,” Enright said. “That balance can be undermined or even destroyed at any time by legislation or regulations – net neutrality, for example – written by from well-intentioned, under-informed lawmakers that may have been swayed by large, well-funded interest groups.”
“This is where i2C comes in – they work to educate legislators on the need for an open Internet – and aggressively work to block any legislation that would be detrimental to that open architecture,” Enright continued. “Hostway is proud to be an active corporate sponsor – and we look forward to working together to keep the Internet a level playing field.”
Employees of i2C member organizations have opportunities to meet with Congressional members and staff to discuss our legislative priorities and to educate Capitol Hill on our industry. i2C represents our industry at global meetings such as ICANN, IGF and ITU to champion our industry’s role and position in the multi-stakeholder model of Internet governance. It also has a member-to-member benefits program where members provide exclusive services and special offers.

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