May 14, 2009

Launch Your Mobile Online Presence


Hostway Team

Mobile Web sites are rising in popularity as the number of people accessing the Internet on mobile devices continues to climb. The .mobi top-level domain signals to viewers that a Web site will load quickly and navigate easily on their mobile devices.

Should I Create a Mobile Web Site?

Timely, actionable information is the lifeblood of the mobile Internet. If you have up-to-the-minute sports scores or weather reports, business hours, take out menus or maps, plus an audience of mobile Internet users, a mobile Web site is for you.

What Is a .Mobi Web Site?

Be sure to make your .mobi Web site comply with the rules that make it easy to download and navigate from a mobile device. Learn the rules to follow and things to avoid while creating your .mobi Web site.

Map Your Mobile Web Site

Create a structure for your mobile Web site that easily guides users to the exact information they seek. Then test your .mobi map on others.

Design Your .Mobi Web Site

Make your visitors happy with a .mobi Web site that saves them time and data transfer charges with streamlined data and quick load times. Discover the elements of good mobile Web design.

Program Your .Mobi Web Site

If you can program a regular Web site, chances are you can program a .mobi Web site. Find out which languages are used to program mobile Web sites.

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