December 9, 2014

Stay Secure and Scalable with Managed Private Cloud


Hostway Team

Using tablet and sitting on cloud shape lockerHostway's upgraded Managed Private Cloud is coming early in Q1 2015, offering the isolation, versatility and assistance required for a worry-free virtualization experience.

This single-tenant virtual environment, running Windows Server 2012 R2 and utilizing the Windows Azure Pack, is hosted in Hostway's world-class data centers, providing increased scalability, lower overall costs and freedom to micromanage your VMs  – or leave the details to us.

Hostway’s expert engineers configure your highly customizable system based on your specific requirements. Access to the Windows Azure Pack (WAP) interface gives you whatever functionalities you need from it. Hostway provisions your managed private cloud, creating or closing virtual machines at your request. Backups and basic monitoring are included, with virtual private network (VPN) service also available.

Benefits of Managed Private Cloud

Cost-Effective: Make optimal use of your hardware, ensuring that you won't pay for anything you're not utilizing.

Ease of Migration: Let Hostway handle especially your move from on-premise cloud or dedicated servers.

Isolation: Security, integrity and availability of mission-critical information is ensured.

Deployment Speed: Virtual servers can be deployed in minutes, reducing delays in productivity.

Flexibility: Scale up or down to the exact resources you need; connect modern hardware with legacy systems.

Use, Then Close: Spin down VMs, migrate workloads when requirements change – ideal for test environments.

Remote Management: The hypervisor’s separate management layer enables you to control your VMs remotely if your operating system stalls.

Basic Monitoring: Server metrics (RAM, CPU, HDD) tracking and ping testing included.

What Sets our Private Cloud Apart?

  • Superior Support from our in-house data center experts 24x7x365.
  • Geo-Dispersed Datacenters in Tampa, Austin, and Vancouver let you choose your preferred location.
  • Hardware Refresh is handled by us, so you never have to use your resources to update servers or infrastructure.
  • Custom-built multi-server private clouds
  • Lower Microsoft licensing costs with Hostway
  • Hybrid hosting option connects to managed servers or other cloud environments
  • Extensive customization options available

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