Charles Charmatz

VP of Operations

Charles Charmatz joined Hostway in 2003. His roots in telecommunications and connected computing run deep, beginning in 1983 with multiuser multi-line bulletin boards, the precursors to the modern Internet. His first commercial endeavor, City-Guide, became a successful dial-up ISP. He was a pioneer at the leading edge of streaming online multimedia and developed techniques and infrastructure for real-time audio and video on the web. The expertise he gained in efficient, high-capacity content delivery was used to create ENI, a virtual and dedicated hosting provider, which became renowned for its innovative, scalable solutions. His areas of interest have since grown to include virtualization and network security.

At Hostway, Charles has assembled and leads the technical teams that ensure Hostway is foremost in performance and reliability. His wide breadth of expertise and leadership have proven invaluable for anticipating computing trends and evolving the company’s infrastructure to meet customers’ needs.

Charles is based in Tampa, Florida, where he lives with his wife and daughter. He is active in the outdoors with diving, hunting, and camping but still loves a good sci-fi movie.

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