Case Study – An Entourage of Experts


Customer: TheBlaze

Industry: Media

Solution: Web Presence, Infrastructure Flexibility, Optimization

TheBlaze had been a Hostway cloud customer for more than a year when TheBlaze chose a new home for its Magento-based e-commerce Marketplace and the high-volume, flash traffic that it draws. Hostway’s proven stability earned the expanded footprint of TheBlaze.

Background, a news, information and entertainment website, came on board with Hostway in the Spring of 2012, using a hybrid solution of Hostway’s FlexCloud Servers and managed, bare-metal servers to provide flexibility and high availability. During TheBlaze’s tenure, Hostway demonstrated their ability to handle the flash traffic that occurred regularly due to being mentioned on-air during Glenn Beck’s nationally syndicated radio show. It was natural for TheBlaze to leverage this infrastructure for its other businesses, such as The Marketplace by TheBlaze.

In addition to the top-notch service TheBlaze received from Hostway, Kenton Jacobsen, TheBlaze Director of Technical Operations, emphasized the role that the relationships they’d built together played in the decision.

“I’ve come to know various members of the Hostway team over the past few years, and they have been accommodating, flexible and knowledgeable,” Jacobsen said. “Cloud computing is an inherently turbulent world, yet Hostway has added a great deal of stability and support that continues to exceed our expectations.”


When TheBlaze decided that their Magento platform belonged on Hostway’s infrastructure, Hostway in turn looked to an expert partner on optimization: Cynch. As a leading migration and IT management agency, Cynch handles Magento migrations and efficiency enablement for a variety of industries.

“We rely on our partners to chip in with their niche knowledge, and Cynch knows Magento configuration and performance tuning backwards and forwards,” said Hostway’s Director of Channel Programs, Russell Griffin. “That’s part of the package when you come to Hostway: You get our expertise on our best subjects, and you get to tap into our partner network for the things they do best.”

In TheBlaze’s case, Cynch was a big part of the ideal solution.

“Cynch focuses on the prize – a solution with no downtime and the best possible performance available,”explained Cynch leader of business development Bryan Montalvo.“We trust the stable infrastructure from Hostway, so we have focused on developing a set of extended management services and transition consultation to make sure TheBlaze had the configuration they needed from Day 1.”

Cynch was brought on to handle the migration, then optimize TheBlaze’s databases to remove any kinks that might slow things down. Cynch helped make TheBlaze’s Magento package as efficient as possible

“Professional service referral is a big part of the partnership program at Hostway,” Hostway’s Griffin said.“Our variety of allies can handle just about anything that comes our way, and we’re happy to send business their way.”


For TheBlaze, handling massive traffic spikes was essential – their media connections make possible “Oprah Effect” waves of business, and they can’t be caught unprepared. For this reason, Hostway advised a dedicated component to handle the e-commerce site, creating a hybrid deployment along with the cloud-based aggregation component.

They needed a solution that was fully optimized for Magento Enterprise, Griffin said.“The powerful infrastructure and high-capacity network that define a fully dedicated server setup outweighed the advantages that a cloud option would provide for their pain points.”

Impressed with the efficiency created by the Cynch-Hostway relationship, TheBlaze has chosen to retain Cynch’s services for regular monitoring and periodic adjustments

“The Cynch-Hostway partnership is a well-oiled machine,” Montalvo said.“Together, the two teams are able to offer Magento customers a unified solution that performs wonderfully, is stable, and provides the flexibility customers need as their online presence expands.”


When TheBlaze decided to expand their relationship with Hostway, they knew they’d get their money’s worth in terms of both solution and service level. Additionally, in an effort to provide the best user experience for visitors to and The Marketplace by TheBlaze, Hostway introduced their partner Cynch to TheBlaze. For Jacobsen, that partner element is just another component of what makes Hostway special.

“Hosting companies are ultimately like a utility: you expect them to work 100% of the time,” Jacobsen said. “When was the last time you felt happy with your electrical, cable or Internet service? However, Hostway is an exception to that rule. They have provided us aggressive pricing, great flexibility and knowledge in configuring a custom solution for us, and a high level of reliability and support.”

The Hostway Difference