Case Study – It Sells Itself


Customer: Databerry

Industry: E-commerce, SaaS

Solution: Partner, E-commerce

Software developer Databerry uses Hostway’s elite infrastructure and networking to run their systems. They funnel their customers to Hostway, which in this case hosts a Magento solution. The thriving partnership benefits both companies.


When your company’s success relies entirely on online sales, having the best product available only makes sense. And having the best-functioning platform requires having the best hosting infrastructure behind it, because any downtime means lost orders and revenue.

Magento is easily the most popular e-commerce platform, as Databerry can attest; an Alexa Internet analysis last year revealed Magento was used on 20 percent of e-commerce sites, and the number was increasing. Databerry is a leading software development and consulting firm, building custom shopping cart systems, web applications and portals for businesses of all sizes. In its 15 th year of business, Databerry advises companies on IT issues such as Oracle usage, software development and equipment purchases, with return on investment the top priority. Many of their projects involve Magento.

“Our role is to deliver proactive, personalized IT solutions that minimize downtime and maximize productivity,” Databerry solutions consultant Jared Haggerty said. “That requires working with the best solutions and the best partners. We don’t always use Magento – those choices are up to our customers – but we are experts with it and can provide full development and design services for it.”

When a new customer comes to Databerry seeking a custom e-commerce website, there are two crucial choices to be made: What platform will you use, and who will host it?


Databerry’s newest customer with Hostway, which declined to be identified for security reasons, is a start-up with a complex e-commerce system. Keeping their site up and running is essential to achieving their maximum profit.

“In e-commerce, every minute you’re down, you’re losing sales,” Haggerty explained. “Bottom line: Uptime means profit and success.”

With Databerry consulting, the end user had a wide range of hosting options, informed by Databerry’s industry expertise.

“We have a vast knowledge base of hosting infrastructure and server technologies,” Haggerty said. “ We’ve evaluated 90 percent of the hosting companies in the world. We select only hosting companies that fit our goals and meet our high standards.”

Databerry’s input factored heavily in the end user’s selection – Databerry spoke of Hostway’s history of satisfying Databerry customers, their strong support team and their top-notch infrastructure . With those qualities in mind, and seeing Hostway’s custom design capabilities and uptime guarantee, the end user went with Hostway.

“It’s not our place to select the hosting company; it’s our job to recommend. This end user chose Hostway based on our recommendations and their requirements,” Haggerty said. “Return on investment is always important, and saving the customer money is always our # 1 goal.”

Haggerty explained that their recommendations come from observations of working with hosting providers and how they serve their customers.

“We always strive to find good hosting partners to work with; it helps us and our customers succeed,” Haggerty explained. “We’ve had customers choose Hostway in the past, and we’ve had a great relationship with the sales and support staff at Hostway for several years now. We haven’t had any complaints from our customers, which is always a good sign!”

For a company like Databerry, referral partners are key to doing business.

“Good relationships with companies we trust provide a mutual benefit for both parties,” Haggerty said. “ Partnerships like ours with Hostway are instrumental because we wouldn’t have any customers if it wasn’t for solid hosting. Everything is Internet-centric and driven by online presence for our customers.”


In this end user’s case – or with any new Hostway client coming through Databerry – Haggerty registers the new opportunity with Channel Account Manager Griffin Leen-Sohl via the Hostway Partner Portal.

“We always let the partner guide us as to how we should engage the end client,” Leen-Sohl explained. “With Databerry, I’ll call Jared to understand the opportunity and how he would like us to work that specific deal.”

Hostway adapts to the circumstances on each deal before taking the lead in setting up the customer’s solution.

“Sometimes, in the case of a reseller deal, we may never engage the end client. Other times, Databerry simply provides an introduction and we work the deal entirely with the end client,” Leen-Sohl said. “In this case, we worked with both Databerry and the end user.”

In general, Databerry provides the specific requirements for the end client, often serving as their technical consultancy. This too varies from opportunity to opportunity.

All in all, Hostway can have a Databerry customer up and running in a hurry.

“We have had cloud solutions up for Databerry clients within the day,” Leen-Sohl said. “This customer was a slightly more complex solution; those typically go live in a couple of days, but we can push faster if necessary.”

The end user’s solution went live August 1, 2013, using Magento Community edition. They have suffered zero network or server downtime since going up. The e-commerce platform keeps running, and the profits flow in.

For Databerry, showing customers their solutions in action relies on the hosting provider’s service.

“Hostway’s infrastructure enables us to provide top-notch development services with no delays resulting from network or server downtime,” Haggerty said. “It lets us show customers how fast we can work for them, and how well our products can perform, and the uptime guarantee is essential. The relationship sells itself.”

Haggerty believes that, should something eventually require attention, Hostway will come through as it has for him in the past.

“Hostway’s support has been excellent for the small amount we have required it,” Haggerty said. “They have done well in both providing effective assistance and ensuring we don’t need it.”


A thriving partnership benefits both Databerry and Hostway as they strive to provide elite services for e-commerce customers.

“We hope to increase our partnership with Hostway by continuing to enable customers to move or start their business with Hostway, and also keep Hostway’s current customer base satisfied,” Haggerty said. “We intend on expanding Databerry’s and Hostway’s customer base together.”


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