February 4, 2016

Meet OX: Communication and Collaboration Just for Small Business


Hostway Team

Introducing OX Mail and OX Collaborate, two solutions that will change the way small business users connect with one another.
If you are a small business owner, you know the types of struggles you must face in order to achieve success. In many ways, small businesses have their work cut out for them, especially when it comes to communication and collaboration. Sure, there are numerous solutions out there, but many of these are specifically designed for larger enterprises.
For a small- or mid-size business owner, one compelling answer for alleviating these communications challenges is OX Mail – and its companion OX Collaborate. These two solutions can change the way small business users connect with one another.

"Fear not: Hostway has come to the rescue with a new suite of solutions."

The backbone of the American economy

While large organizations often serve as the pacesetters for any new technology, the more than 28 million small businesses operating today in the United States – according to recent research from the Office of Advocacy for the U.S. Small Business Association – cannot be overlooked. These organizations employ over 56 million people, even with the 22 million or so single-owner ventures. Inc. Magazine found that almost half of all U.S. private sector workers are currently employed by small businesses.
"With those numbers, it's no wonder that small businesses have been called the 'backbone' of the U.S. economy," IT Business Edge contributor Kim Mays wrote.

Small businesses have their own unique needs, particularly when they're competing with larger enterprises.
Small businesses have their own unique needs, particularly when they're competing with larger enterprises.

Specifically built for SMB needs

Just like their enterprise counterparts, small- and mid-size businesses have particular needs when it comes to their communication and collaboration – needs specifically addressed by OX Mail and OX Collaborate, powered by the OX App Suite software stack from Open-Xchange. These systems offer a range of professional features and capabilities to help businesses cost-effectively address their unique requirements.
The OX App Suite enables users to unify their email accounts, address books, calendars, files and other elements into a single, easy-to-use dashboard. This significantly streamlines organization, and ensures that appointments, documents and other important information never fall through the cracks.
OX also makes collaboration a cinch, enabling users to easily share their contacts, calendars, attachments and other files with co-workers and business partners. Best of all, each individual action is tracked, and others can review and edit these so that every project stakeholder is on the same page.
In the small business community, cost savings are always a top priority. OX App Suite enables decision-makers to only select the specific services their organization needs. This keeps you connected while driving down the price.
But this only scratches the surface when it comes to OX Mail and OX Collaborate. To find out more about Hostway and the OX App Suite and how it can benefit your business, be sure to contact Hostway today.

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