August 6, 2015

Windows 10: A More Human Way to Upgrade


Hostway Team

windows10Is Microsoft  Windows 10 a hit or miss? Despite the over 14 million downloads it produced within the first 24 hours of its launch, the jury is still out. While Microsoft has clearly put in the effort to step up its game, there are both positives and negatives associated with this operating system upgrade.

With each update, Microsoft aims to increase the ease of use of its signature product. Sometimes we love what they come up with; other times, we become frustrated over the functionalities discarded from previous versions.

After the bust that was Microsoft 8, this upgrade was highly anticipated. Without a doubt, Windows 10 gives users some things missing from earlier versions, providing a breath of fresh air with new features worthy of the buzz.

Windows 10 features that won't disappoint

As Cnet's review notes, one change that leaps out at you is the resizable Start Menu. Users can now customize the amount of screen space the start menu occupies. Among Windows 10's other upgrades is the sprucing up of a handy feature called Microsoft Snap, which allows users to drag a window they are working with to the side, and it will then snap to the edge of your screen. Other open displays, like internet browsers or Control Panels, will be shown as thumbnails. Another beneficial, new feature that Tech Radar points out is the Action Center, an information hub for your PC. This mirrors many smartphones' presentation of everything running on your machine.

Microsoft Windows 10 Reviews to address the update issues

Some of the negative response to Windows 10 has revolved around the excess space that the installation files consume. Windows 10 does not discard the 5 gigs of unnecessary data after the install completes. Instead, it's in a hidden file that is difficult to find unless you know where to look. It's a real mess that's hidden under the rug.

Concern has also been expressed over some of the default privacy settings of the new operating system. The Register is among sites that correctly point out that users should examine these settings soon after completing installation.

Still, as Dark Reading points out, several Windows 10 changes provide additional security from previous iterations.

Should you stay, or should you go to Microsoft Windows 10?

So: Should you download the newest Windows for all its fabulous features, despite the chores that it immediately creates? Most expert reviews agree that the answer is yes, but the choice is yours to make. Weigh the benefits and consider what you need to make your time spent on the computer pleasant and efficient. Because, as Microsoft's slogan for Windows 10 says, they're seeking the “more human way to do” everything on your computer.

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