February 12, 2015

Microsoft to Leave Bug Unpatched in Server 2003


Hostway Team

ws2003Though Microsoft's End Of Life date for Windows Server 2003 is still five months away, they've given all of its users another reason to upgrade as soon as possible.

When Microsoft recently patched a 15-year-old bug in the Active Directory component that can permit hackers to control PCs running all versions of Windows, they chose not to repair the vulnerability in Server 2003.

While many are left wondering why such a fix took as long as it did, customers still using 2003 must decide if their position has become even less tenable due to the publication of the bug.

Microsoft has explained that the architecture required for the fix "does not exist" on 2003. Its users must now cope with the fact that their aging operating system has seemingly just become even more fragile.

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