May 13, 2009

Online Security


Hostway Team

Internet security is a wide-reaching issue. You not only have to think about protecting your customers, you need to protect your business.

Securing Customers' Information

Securing your customers' information is part of doing business on the Internet. As the Internet matures and more people are shopping online, they're becoming better informed on how Web sites keep their information safe and what to look for in a Web site before handing over sensitive information.

The cost of using no security (especially on ecommerce sites) is immeasurable, especially for small businesses. If sensitive financial information were breached, not only could customers hold you liable, you're likely to lose their future business in addition to the business of their friends, family or online community members who read about their experiences in forums and business reviews.

Here are two ways you can protect customers' information:

Protecting Your Business

Equally as important, you need to protect your Web site and any business information stored on your computers from hackers, unscrupulous competitors and data loss. Fortunately, there are products such as firewalls, online backup and spam and virus filters that can automate your protection.

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