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Hostway Tech Team - June 22, 2009

By Hostway

Microsoft completed its rollout of Bing on June 3, 2009, replacing MSN. Billed as a “decision” engine, the new search engine has distinct features intended to make search engine results pages more useful and require less clicking. For example, when a user hovers his/her cursor over a search result, a summary of the page appears, thus providing more information without requiring a click.

Optimizing Your Web Site for Bing

According to the Webmaster section of Bing’s Web site, there are no major changes to the way Bing’s search results are calculated. Suggestions for optimizing your Web site for Bing are nearly identical to those of the other search engines, including:

  • Include relevant, interesting content
  • Use your keywords, but don’t go overboard with them
  • Make sure your Web site has a static link to every page of the site
  • Don’t put important keywords or important information only in an image

Submitting Your Site to Bing

Just like nearly every other search engine, Bing has crawlers out on the Internet constantly finding and indexing Web sites. Your site can be included in Bing results without you submitting it to the search engine. However, you can also submit your site directly to Bing for inclusion.

Check out the Webmaster tools and guidelines for more information.

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