March 8, 2016

OX and Hosted Exchange: How Email Services Stack Up


Hostway Team

Enterprises are utilizing more managed services than ever, particularly to address their communication and collaboration needs. You'd be hard-pressed to find an organization today that doesn't utilize email in some capacity. According to a report from Radicati, the global email sector will include more than 2.8 billion users by 2018. From communicating and collaborating with co-workers, to reaching out to customers and boosting brand awareness, email plays a range of indispensable roles.
As email becomes increasingly critical to corporate communications, many enterprises are turning to hosted solutions to ensure accessibility and reliability. When determining which email solution will align with your organization's requirements, your IT budget as well as your specific needs for features and capabilities should be taken into account.

OX App Suite

OX App Suite from Open-Xchange is a collection of feature-rich enterprise collaboration applications to support accessibility, usability and overall communication. This open-source offering is among the most affordable packages, allowing decision-makers to select, mix and match the services they'd like to include in their customized platform.
OX features individual user accounts, as well as protected cloud storage space and spam security. In addition, the solution includes a customizable user-facing dashboard, access to an integrated calendar and contacts list and 2GB of storage per mailbox. In addition, OX enables enterprises to create unified inboxes that integrate communications among several accounts. This ensures robust access, communication and collaboration throughout an organization.

Microsoft Exchange

Where Open-Xchange may be the new kid on the block, Microsoft Exchange represents the tried-and-true answer. Currently the leading corporate email platform across the globe, Exchange is more than just email: The solution also offers access to mission-critical tools for collaboration, accessibility and security.
Microsoft Exchange features email archiving  guarantee.and mobile capabilities, as well as shared access to folders and documents, global address lists and shared notes, tasks and calendaring. In this way, businesses can ensure that collaborating employees have a full view of their co-workers' schedules, projects and initiatives. In addition, users can benefit from daily backup of their content, anti-spam, email encryption and a firewall. Decision-makers can also choose certain compliant-ready packages, depending on their needs, as well as a 100 percent uptime guarantee.
As email continues to play a critical role in corporate communications, enterprises need a service provider that can offer all the leading solutions, and become a partner for mission-critical activity. Hostway provides plans for both Microsoft Exchange and OX App Suite, enabling decision-makers to select the platform that not only suits their unique user needs, but their corporate budget as well.
To find out more about what a hosted email solution can do for your business, as well as the in-depth features of OX Mail or Microsoft Exchange, contact our expert Hostway consultants today.

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