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Bring More to the Table with Hostway Partner Programs

We understand that when you recommend Hostway to one of your customers, you’re trusting us to give them world-class service—and we do. No matter how you do business, we have a flexible partner programs that can help you deliver seamless transitions and excellent service—all while earning extra revenue.  

More Revenue, Less Hassle

When you refer your clients to Hostway, you’re not just providing extra value to your customers—you’re also opening up an entirely new revenue stream. Each Trusted Hostway Partner a 15% commission, receiving an ongoing residual with payments that grow as the contract grows—and we’ll do the upselling.

Partner Earnings Estimator

How many customers do you expect to onboard with Hostway each year?

 Customers added per year: Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Total monthly commitment          
Monthly commision paid to partner          
Total commission earned          

*In this case, a year is 12 months from the time the customer starts paying Hostway. This calculator assumes that all customers start paying Hostway at the same time, and that each deal involves a monthly commitment of $10,000. For a more nuanced report of your company’s potential earnings, please contact us.

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