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Comprehensive Solutions—Expertly Supported

IT and digital transformations are becoming increasingly difficult in today’s ever-evolving technological landscape, and bridging the gap between new and old technology can be a costly venture for any business. That’s why we partner with companies like yours to help businesses migrate their applications to new environments without causing lasting damage to their mission-critical data. Together with our Trusted Hostway Partners, we design, create, and build new workloads with skill, accuracy, and outstanding support. Our expertise includes:

  • Managed Hybrid: We meet customers where they are today—in the cloud, on-, or off-prem.
  • Managed Private Cloud: Secure, compliant, and built around your needs.
  • Managed AWS/Azure: Managed public cloud offerings paired with expert support.
  • Managed Office 365: Well-integrated and comprehensive collaboration tools—with help from our expert team.
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery: Protection from threats of every size, along with the necessary stability for mission-critical applications and software.
  • Managed Security & Compliance: Optimal security and risk mitigation.

More Revenue, Less Hassle

When you refer your clients to Hostway, you’re not just providing extra value to your customers—you’re also opening up an entirely new revenue stream. Each Hostway Trusted partner earns a 15% commission, receiving an ongoing residual with payments that grow as the contract grows—and we’ll do the upselling.

Partner Earnings Estimator

How many customers do you expect to onboard with Hostway each year?

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*In this case, a year is 12 months from the time the customer starts paying Hostway. This calculator assumes that all customers start paying Hostway at the same time, and that each deal involves a monthly commitment of $10,000. For a more nuanced report of your company’s potential earnings, please contact us.

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Enable Better Outcomes

We help minimize some of the big challenges that most businesses face during transformation. As your partner, we can assist you in helping your clients to:

Improve operational efficiencies.
Reduce out of pocket costs and increase efficiencies by reducing headcount, equipment, and other CAPEX items.

Reduce public cloud expenses.
Get the sprawling costs of the public cloud under control by letting us examine your unique needs and rebuild your architecture to match.

Increase security and compliance.
Reduce security costs by leveraging our security tools, expert management solution, and compliance experts, who are well-versed in HIPAA, HITRUST, PCI, and more.

Provide superior capacity planning and architectural design knowledge.
We can help you create more cost-efficient environments via architecture audits and app streamlining tactics. 

What Business Types Typically Become Trusted Hostway Partners?

Systems Integrators

For systems integrators looking to architect end-to-end IT solutions for their clients, becoming a Trusted Hostway Partner enables maximum flexibility and scalability. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re working with an industry leader.

Agencies, Web Designers & Technology Consultants

Becoming a Trusted Hostway Partner helps improve close rates and drive revenue growth by making it easy to compliment your core professional service offerings with a cloud hosting partner you can trust.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Our Trusted Hostway Partner program is ideal for MSPs and VARs supporting end-clients in need of a flexible, reliable cloud hosting solution. Industry-proven Hostway managed support helps enable maximum uptime and quick issue resolution, while our Trusted Partner discounts give you a significant amount of pricing flexibility.

Key Features of Our Trusted Hostway Partner Program

Dedicated Team
  • Sales Consultant: Your partner in end-client engagement
  • Account Manager: Program operations, onboarding assistance, and ongoing support
  • Solution Architect: Proposals and solutions
Positive Economics
  • Increased close rate
  • Quicker deal closing
  • Faster time-to-market for end-clients
  • Net new revenue stream
Sales Enablement
  • Excellent sales support
  • Assistance in identifying new opportunities
  • Consultation on best solution
  • Co-branded collateral
  • Event coordination
Lead Generation
  • Two-Way Referrals: If our clients are in need of your services, Hostway will help make a connection

What Current Trusted Hostway Partners Say 

Customer Testimonial

“Rand Marketing has partnered with Hostway since 2013, recommending Hostway for a wide variety of shared, cloud and dedicated hosting solutions, including Windows Servers, WordPress Hosting, and most recently Office365 accounts. We’ve built strong relationships with Hostway’s sales and marketing teams, and really appreciate our ability to communicate effectively together as we work toward mutual success.”

Robert Rand
Chief Technology Officer
Rand Marketing

Customer Testimonial

“Partnering with Hostway was a great decision for DCKAP. We love their pro-activeness and the technical support system. They go above and beyond to ensure the partners and clients are successful. They are a great resource and I highly recommend leveraging their people. Appreciate all the work being done to deliver great outcomes for DCKAP.”

Karthik Chidambaram
Founder & CEO

The Hostway Difference