March 15, 2010

Pop-up Ads


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By Jen Brister

They can be annoying and they can be profitable, but one thing is for certain, pop-up ads are everywhere. Chances are, if you've been an Internet user for very long, you have experienced a pop-up, pop-under or sliding ad assault your browsing experience. There are appropriate ways to use pop-up ads, but they are few and far between.

Pop-up ads generally pop up when you enter a new Web site. Other ads pop up when you try to exit the site. Some ads are just used as general advertisements that are related to the Web site you are visiting, while others may be an attempt to obtain information from the visitor, such as an email address.

If your business owns a Web site, there are a few appropriate ways to use pop-up ads without annoying your readers.

Gathering Information

The best use of pop-up ads is generally to gather information from your readers. This type of pop-up usually appears about 3 seconds after the Web site loads. The ad may ask for the reader's name and email address in exchange for a free newsletter or report. If you use this type of ad, make sure that what you offer your readers is of great value to them. If you offer nothing or offer a thin, re-written report, your readers will not appreciate it and will likely opt out of your mailing list.

RSS Feed Subscription

Another appropriate pop-up ad for your Web site is a pop-up asking your readers to subscribe to your RSS feed. If you use this type of pop-up for your Web site, make sure to format the settings so that readers only see the pop-up the first two to three times that they visit your site. If they see it every time they load your Web site, chances are they will stop visiting.

Special Promotions

If you are offering a special discount or promotion on your Web site, it is perfectly fine to alert your readers with a pop-up ad detailing the promotion. The pop-up should only run for a limited amount of time and should only load the first two to three times that a reader visits your site. The pop-up should include specific information about your promotion, such as when it ends, what it includes and how he or she can take advantage of the offer.

Just Say No

If you are running a business Web site, you should say no to pop-up ads that load every time the site loads or that promote anything other than your business. Your readers will be annoyed and will refrain from visiting your site if you constantly harass them with ads in which they are not interested. Any ads you do run should be basic and simple. Avoid using ads that flash or make noise, since they take longer to load.

Pop-up ads do not have to be a nuisance. When used correctly they can help you gather information about your clients, spread the word about your business and promote discounts or special items. As long as you don't go overboard and know your limits, you can make pop-up ads work for you.

About the Author

Jen Brister has been a writer, researcher, and Internet marketer for three years. She makes her living writing full time, publishing videos and creating Web sites.

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