The Azure Cloud Fully Managed by Hostway|HOSTING’s Experts

Focus on your business and leave Azure management to us

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Hostway|HOSTING Managed Support Includes

  • Architecture guidance for configuration and deployment
  • Microsoft escalation support
  • Remote management and troubleshooting
  • 24x7x365 phone and email support
  • Installation, configuration, patching and troubleshooting Windows and Linux OS’s
  • Account management (UI assistance and help adding users)
  • Fully managed back ups
  • Cloud Connect creates secure, dedicated network connectivity between public and private clouds inside of Hostway|HOSTING’s data centers. This enables faster, predictable performance and cost savings up to 70% on bandwidth charges.

Resources and Exceptional Support that Scale with Your Business

With managed Azure, you get scalability, flexibility, and ease of use. Partner with Hostway|HOSTING, the first hosting provider to implement Microsoft’s Hyper-V in 2010. Pair that with guidance and managed support from the Azure specialists and experts at Hostway|HOSTING, and you are in an ideal cloud environment. Spin up and down anytime, and only pay for what you need. The Azure Public Cloud is designed for integration with Hostway|HOSTING’s Virtual Private Cloud in a Hybrid configuration.

Hostway|HOSTING Managed Support for Microsoft Azure offers the best combination of features, the scope of support, and value as your business grows. Bring your own Azure environment to Hostway|HOSTING or start a new project with us.

Scalable, Flexible, Cost-effective Managed Azure

Ultimate Scalability

Microsoft Azure Public Cloud is one of the top global hyper-scale cloud platforms.

Familiar Tools

Extensive toolset and templates for easy app management.

Open Platform

Support for a wide range of operating systems, frameworks, tools, and databases.

Extensible Framework

Consistent experience and interoperability across other Microsoft products and services.

True Value

Spin up/down – only pay for what you need. Purchase support in small, reasonably priced increments. Bring your own environment.

Fully Backed by Hostway|HOSTING

Larger scope of support than Microsoft and backed by proven Hostway|HOSTING managed support and hosting expertise.

Use Cases

The Microsoft Azure Cloud with Hostway|HOSTING Managed Support is ideal for use cases that require a highly scalable, Azure-consistent environment.

Run Variable Traffic Websites
Run websites with highly variable traffic.
Hostway Public Cloud - Variable Traffic
Run Your App Where It Runs Best
Hybrid Cloud lets you choose between Public or Private Cloud in an Azure-consistent solution.
Hostway Public Cloud -Hybrid
Burst to the Cloud
Burst to the cloud from on-premise or dedicated hosting for variable traffic and unpredictable load.
Hostway Public Cloud -Burst to Cloud
Optimize Your Costs
Project cost trends to avoid surprises and shift workloads to obtain the best rate.
Manage Developer Environments
Manage developer environments for spinning up/down quickly, running experiments, paying only for what you use.
Hostway Public Cloud - Variable Developer Environments
Automatically Provision Resources
Run infrastructure-aware apps that automatically provision resources.
The Hostway|HOSTING Difference