Multi-Cloud Management with Cloud Connect

Enabling true hybrid connectivity between public and private clouds

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Hostway|HOSTING Cloud Connect

For organizations who utilize our Managed Public Cloud solution, Hostway|HOSTING Cloud Connect establishes high-performance, dedicated network connectivity for workloads running in Hostway|HOSTING‘s global data centers. This technology can be used for both multi-clouds and public clouds, drastically improving performance, security, and costs. With Hostway|HOSTING Cloud Connect, you can securely connect your dedicated hosting environment to any public cloud platform, including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Improved Performance. Lowered Costs.

Hostway|HOSTING Cloud Connect is a feature of our Managed Public Cloud solution, and creates secure, dedicated connectivity between the public cloud (AWS and Azure) and one of Hostway|HOSTING‘s global data centers.

Consistent, Reliable Performance

  • Predictable network performance between the cloud and Hostway|HOSTING infrastructure for true hybrid and multi-cloud performance
  • Private and shorter point-to-point links
  • Flexible performance tiers from 50 megabits per second to 10 gigabits per second

Secure Multi-Cloud Connectivity

  • Isolated traffic between Hostway|HOSTING dedicated or private cloud networks and public cloud resources
  • Connections to multiple VLANs

Exceptional Value

  • Cloud Connect saves Hostway|HOSTING customers up to 70% on outbound/egress bandwidth charges from AWS and Azure
  • Lower flat cost for traffic allows for more accurate budgeting
  • (US/Canada) $0.02/GB versus $0.09/GB (from 1GB to 10TB)

Direct Access to Public Cloud Resources


The Hostway|HOSTING Cloud Connect service establishes a direct link to public cloud resources, enabling faster, more predictable network connectivity sources. This means traffic is more secure and has lower egress bandwidth charges from AWS and Azure.

For the finest in multi-cloud functionality and flexibility, let Hostway|HOSTING construct your multi-cloud environment. You’ll have our complete and qualified support always available 24/7/365. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

The Hostway|HOSTING Difference