Hostway’s Leading-Edge Portfolio

Enabling enterprise IT to move forward with less risk

Enabling Enterprise IT Around the Globe

Our merged company is now an industry leader in managing complex cloud environments with highly available and secure solutions, automated controls, and flexible contract terms while:

Reducing Risk

Protect data while meeting strict compliance requirements.

Optimizing IT Spend

Apps run where they run best to make your budget go further.

Improving Business Agility

Empower your organization to scale as needed and stay productive.

Industry-Leading Guidance

Robust performance guarantees that are focused on improving business outcomes.

The Industry’s First Guidance Level Agreements (GLAs)
  • Providing three actionable recommendations to improve realization of desired business outcomes
  • Covers availability, performance, security, and cost
  • Provided during quarterly business insights reviews or as prescribed in SOWs
  • Resulting in consistent and iterative improvement and optimization over time
Critical Availability Service (CAS SLAs) with 2x MRR
  • 100% application availability guarantee
  • Commit to a defined, measurable level of quality, availability, or responsiveness
  • 2x MRR credit for any downtime
  • Requires HA architecture and annual testing certification process
  • Resulting in assurance of stability and security

Leading the Industry with a Comprehensive Portfolio


The Hostway Difference