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Hosted Open-Xchange is an easy-to-use platform for all devices

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Consolidated Collaboration Like Never Before with Hosted Open-Xchange

Collaborating across multiple devices often results in frustration. OX App Suite is a collaboration application that makes life easier by bringing together emails, calendars, social networks, etc. to work on a variety of devices.

Hosted Open-Xchange is an Easy to Use Platform

Consolidate Work & Personal “Lives”

Unite your email accounts, address book, calendars, social networking sites, files and to do’s into one user-friendly dashboard on OX App Suite.

Easily Access Your Email & Data

Our secure data centers allow you to view your data and email from any location, at any time, on any device.

Lower Your Operating Costs

OX App Suite’s pricing allows you to buy only the services that you require.

Hosted Open-Xchange OX App Suite Features

Business-Class Email

Business-class email integrates all accounts and social media

Calendars, Contacts and Tasks

Easily manage meetings, emails and tasks by project

Documents & Spreadsheets

Create, edit and store shared documents, maintain versions and access anywhere

Mobile Sync with OX Drive

Sync mail, calendars and contacts with Active Sync, documents and files

Online File Storage

25 GB for central file storage

Hosted Open-Xchange OX App Suite Plan Details

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