Managed Security Solutions

Hostway managed security solutions addresses a wide range of threat vectors, use cases and budgets. We combine industry leading infrastructure, tools and technology with a dedicated Security Operations team, NOC and SOC – working 24x7x365 to help ensure that your data is secure and protected.

Hostway security solutions include variety of components designed to help protect your mission critical application through the entire stack (network, system, application layer) – while supporting a variety of use cases and budgets.

FIREWALL SECURITY: Designed to help safeguard your data from malicious attacks, Hostway offers a number of firewall options to fit a variety of networking requirements, including High Availability (HA) options.

INTRUSION DETECTION (IDS) AND VULNERABILITY ASSESSMENT (VA) SCANNING: Monitor, detect, report, and alert on adverse security issues. All IDS/VA services are fully supported by Hostway Security Services personnel in the Security Operations Center (SOC).

LOG MANAGER WITH DILY LOG REVIEW: Delivered via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, effective log management is not only imperative to maintaining compliance, but is also a powerful security tool for preventing security breaches. Log Manager provides on-demand, automated log collection, storage, reporting, correlation, and alerting across the entire environments.

FILE INTEGRITY MONITORING (FIM): Designed to help ensure the integrity of the files on the server, Hostway’s Security Operations team monitors for any alerts generated through the comparison of the most recent file to the known, safe baseline – taking remediation and escalating as necessary.

WEB APPLICATION FIREWALL (WAF): Hostway security experts bring specialized knowledge and expertise to 24×7 WAF management by providing professional remediation of inappropriately blocked requests, and regular tuning of WAF policies and settings.

SSL CERTIFICATES: Encrypts all data moving between two or more end-points (eg. from a browser to a web server). Since many e-commerce apps are now hosted in the cloud and accessed by browsers the SSL certificate is essential to proper security.

MULTI-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION: Protects against weak or stolen passwords and provides an additional layer of protection. This requires multiple forms of identification for login, such as a code and a username/password combination. Biometric login systems may require a fingerprint along with a code or badge.

Fully Managed Support and Expertise

All Hostway Security Solutions are backed by proven Hostway managed-level support, delivered 24x7x365 through our world-class Security Operations team, NOC and SOC. Our security professionals ensure proper configuration, deployment, tuning and optimization of the entire solution. Once up and running, we utilize industry leading technology and best practices to monitor, detect, and remediate issues on behalf of our customers so they can focus on doing what they do best, running their business.

In the event a security incident is detected, Hostway will immediately engage our Major Incident Management Process and start a bridge within 15 minutes of detection – keeping you abreast of issue status and path to resolution.

Managed Security Solutions

BEST FOR Small Business looking to protect data SMBs focused on Healthcare IT and compliances needs HIPAA and PCI Compliant applications and workloads
Intrusion Detection X X X
Vulnerability Scanning X X X
Log Monitoring X X X
Log Retention 90-Days 12-Months 12-Months
Web Application Firewall X
File Integrity Monitoring X
Multi Factor Authentication Available Available Available

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