Active Directory Sync

Keep Your Business Data Up to Date

Save Time Managing Employee Data

In a large company, constant employee turnover can make it difficult to keep multiple employee directories, databases, and user permissions up to date. Beyond just affecting the reliability of user information, this can result in security and compliance issues.

Hostway: Active Directory Sync

Exchange Active Directory Synchronization (AD Sync) performs a one-way synchronization of identity data (users, groups, and supporting data for roles) between an on-premise Active Directory Server and Hostway’s hosted Exchange AD, providing a single point to create, modify or delete Exchange mailboxes, SharePoint users and service users.

Active Directory Sync Simplifies Your Business Processes

Saves Time, Reduces Errors

Automated provisioning eliminates need for redundant manual data entry.

Deploys Easily and Enhances Security

No coding needed and no hidden costs. Eliminates unregulated access to network resources by documenting and enforcing user and group access.

Enhances User Experience

Synchronizes users’ passwords, eliminating need for user to change their password in multiple locations.

Active Directory Sync Features

Identity Sync

Synchronizes identities between connection systems to permit an Active Directory user to log in to non-Active Directory applications or data sources.

Access Sync

icon-science-wSynchronizes groups or roles between Active Directory and non-Active Directory integrated applications or data sources

Password Sync

icon-security-wSynchronizes password changes in Active Directory with other connected systems

Auto Mapping

Automatically associates objects (user, groups, etc.) between source and target systems or creates a new identity/object automatically if an association is not made. Provides ability to create a list of rules to define naming conventions, simplifying object creation. Manual mapping is also available as needed.


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