AWS Delivered Without the Complexity

Focus on your business and leave AWS management to us

Resources and Support that Scale with Your Business

With Hostway Managed Support for Amazon Web Services, you get AWS-certified design expertise, cost optimizations, and 24x7x365 support coverage of your AWS deployed solutions so you can focus on your business. We will help you identify the right architecture to optimize the performance and cost needs of your business, including hybrid deployments to a dedicated cloud when you just need AWS to burst workloads. Let us manage your existing AWS deployment, or start a new project with us.

Hostway Managed Support for Amazon Web Services offers the best combination of features, scope of support, and value as your business grows.

AWS Public Cloud, Backed by the AWS-certified Experts at Hostway

Ultimate Scalability
  • Spin up limitless capacity on demand
  • Hybrid support for cost and control
  • Migration solutions
Optimal Hybrid Design
  • Architecture guidance and assistance with configuration and deployment
  • Use the right cloud for the workload
Cost Management
  • Bring your own AWS account or start a new one with Hostway
  • Track and project cost trends
  • Leverage hybrid for predictability
Security and Monitoring
  • Secure designs and active monitoring
  • Backup and high Availability planning
  • Compliance, including BAA for HIPAA
Technology Choice

Support for a wide range of operating systems, frameworks, tools, and databases.

24x7x365 Operations
  • Monitoring and resolution
  • <1 Minute incident response
  • AWS escalation support

Superior Hybrid Customer Portal

AWS Infrastructure Fully Managed by Hostway

The Hostway Console gives you a single view into multi-cloud management.

  • Summary dashboard for all services
  • Simple click through to public or dedicate cloud resources
  • Flexible role-based user management controls

Use Cases

The Amazon Web Services Cloud with Hostway Managed Support is ideal for use cases that require a highly scalable, Azure-consistent environment

Run Variable Traffic Websites

Run websites with highly variable traffic.

Run Your App Where It Runs Best

Hybrid Cloud lets you choose between Public or Private Cloud using solutions like VMWare.

Burst to the Cloud

Burst to the cloud from on premise or dedicated hosting for variable traffic and unpredictable load.

Optimize Your Costs

Project cost trends to avoid surprises and shift workloads to obtain the best rate.

Manage Developer Environments

Manage developer environments for spinning up/down quickly, running experiments, paying only for what you use.

Automatically Provision Resources

Run infrastructure-aware apps that automatically provision resources.

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