Build Your Dream Site in Microsoft Azure Public Cloud

With managed Azure, you get scalability, flexibility and ease of use. Spin up and down any time, and only pay for what you need. Add the expertise, guidance and managed support from the Azure specialists at Hostway, and you are in a dream cloud environment. The Azure Public Cloud is designed for integration with Hostway’s Virtual Private Cloud in a Hybrid configuration.

Scalable, Flexible, Cost-Effective Cloud Hosting

Ultimate Scalability

Microsoft Azure public cloud is the leading hyper-scale cloud platform.

Hostway Hosting Tools
Familiar Tools

Extensive toolset and templates for easy app management.

Open Platform

Support for a wide range of operating systems, frameworks, tools and databases.

Hostway Scalability
Extensible Framework

Consistent experience and interoperability across other Microsoft products and services.

Hostway Hosting Value
True Value

Pay for what you use – spin up and spin down as you need.

Hostway Support Services
Backed by Hostway

Backed by proven Hostway managed support and hosting expertise.


Use Cases

The Microsoft Azure Cloud with Hostway Managed Support is ideal for use cases that require a highly scalable, Azure-consistent environment.

Run Variable Traffic Websites

Run websites with highly variable traffic.

Hostway Public Cloud - Variable Traffic

Burst to the Cloud

Burst to the cloud from on-premise or dedicated hosting for variable traffic and unpredictable load.

Hostway Public Cloud -Burst to Cloud

Run Your App Where It Runs Best

Hybrid Cloud lets you choose between Public or Private Cloud in an Azure-consistent solution.

Hostway Public Cloud -Hybrid

Manage Developer Environments

Manage developer environments for spinning up/down quickly, running experiments, paying only for what you use.

Hostway Public Cloud - Variable Developer Environments

Automatically Provision Resources

Run infrastructure-aware apps that automatically provision resources.

Hostway Public Cloud - Automatic Provisioning

“As a political and cultural news site, we saw a huge spike in traffic during election week and an unexpected issue with our Microsoft platform. Hostway worked with us to immediately address the issue and was able to expedite our support request to get us to the scale we needed in just a few hours.”

Charley Stran

The leading hyper-scale public cloud, backed by the Microsoft Azure experts at Hostway.

Managed Support Includes:
  • Architecture guidance and assistance with configuration and deployment
  • Microsoft escalation support
  • Remote management and troubleshooting
  • Installation, configuration, patching and troubleshooting Windows and Linux OSs
  • Account management (UI assistance and help adding users)
  • Backup assistance
  • 24/7/365 phone and email support

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