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Multi-cloud hosting, managed by Hostway, delivers maximum flexibility

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Public, Private, and Hybrid Managed Cloud Solutions Optimized for Your Mission-critical Application

Hostway’s broad and comprehensive portfolio enables us to create the most optimal solution for your unique requirements. Our solution architects help you build the right managed cloud solution for your mission-critical application or workload leveraging our 10 global data centers along with the AWS and Azure hyperclouds.

  • Hostway provides managed service expertise for leading public cloud infrastructure.
  • Only pay for what you need. Easily spin up and down resources.
  • Bring your own account or start a new one with Hostway.
Azure Managed Public Cloud
AWS Managed Public Cloud

  • Familiar toolsets and API for easy resource management.
  • Predictable billing, performance, and uptime with dedicated, isolated clusters.
  • Installation, configuration, and initial environment are based on your requirements.
  • Monitoring and resolution of the virtualization infrastructure, network, and storage subsystems.
Virtual Private Cloud
VMWare Private Cloud

  • Ultimate flexibility – Run your apps where they run best, public or private managed cloud.
  • AWS and Azure scalability, with the predictability of the Private Cloud.
  • Use public and private Cloud together to optimize cost, performance, and scale.
Hybrid Cloud

Case Studies

In this managed cloud hosting case study, Savana, the industry’s first automated digital mortgage lending platform, choose Hostway’s Hyper-V private cloud to modernize the IT infrastructure that supports its nGage platform.

What Hostway Customers Say

It was important for us, from a VPC perspective, not to be sharing the environment with other clients and to have the flexibility to spin it up and down.

We had been using virtual machines on physical hosts for a while. In this setup, if the host has a problem, [then] all of the virtual machines hosted on that physical host have a problem. With Virtual Private Cloud, the servers that are supporting the environment are much more redundant.

What is Managed Hosting

Managed cloud hosting is the business of sharing data, resources, files, hardware and software tools, and networking across multiple servers that are housed in another location. Server slices or virtual servers are purchased or rented through an organization that can maintain the uptime and upkeep. Here are 5 benefits to managed cloud hosting that can make a difference in you organization.

The Hostway Difference