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Improve ROI and Business Agility
with Microsoft SQL Server Hosting

Don’t take on the capital expense, resource burden and risk of running Microsoft SQL on premise. With Microsoft SQL Server Hosting, our redundant, SSAE 16 audited data centers and Microsoft expertise help ensure our hosted environments are more reliable and secure than most corporate facilities. Our 24×7 monitoring and professional technical support mean that we’ll look after your infrastructure while you focus on more important things.

Benefits of Microsoft SQL Server Hosting at Hostway

Hostway Hosting Value
Scalability on Demand

Quickly expand or upgrade your database infrastructure at any time. Ensure you are ready for peak volume when you need it.

Hostway Hosting Value
Reduced Costs

Minimize capital expenditures on licenses and infrastructure, and reduce staffing costs for maintaining server and network equipment.

Hostway Support Services
Peace of Mind

Get peace of mind with 24×7 monitoring and live technical support from Hostway’s knowledgeable team. We’re an experienced provider of hosted infrastructure and SQL Server.

Microsoft SQL Server Hosting Features

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 is a cloud-ready platform available in four editions, each delivering a different level of features. SQL 2012 expands on SQL 2008 R2 with enhancements to business intelligence, availability, disaster recovery, speed, security, role management and more.

Hostway also offers Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 which delivers several important capabilities over MS SQL 2008, allowing  you to scale database operations, improve efficiency, and enable business intelligence on a self-service basis. A Hostway SQL specialist can help you decide which version is best for your specific needs.

Advanced Availability
and Recovery Options


  • New high-availability and disaster-recovery features provide an enterprise-level alternative to database mirroring
  • Support for multiple availability replicas

Flexible Failover
Clustering Enhancements


  • Microsoft SQL Server AlwaysOn Failover Cluster Instances, Multi-subnet Failover, & AutoStat functionality
  • Reduces costs while improving efficiency and performance

Performance Improvements


  • SAP-certified to run industry’s most demanding workloads
  • 50-60% compression capabilities cut growing volumes of data

Advanced Security
and Compliance


  • Built-in IT controls including SharePoint Active Directory
  • Built-in encryption capabilities


SQL Server 2012 Editions

SQL Server Capabilities
Web Standard Business Intelligence Enterprise
Hosting Scenarios & Target Customers Web Apps
Departmental LOB
Web Apps
Mission Critical, Large-Scale, Dedicated or Shared
Maximum Number of Cores 1 socket or 4 cores 4 socket or 16 cores 16 cores – DB OS Max – AS&RS OS Max


SQL Server Capabilities
Web Standard Business Intelligence Enterprise
Basic OLTP icon-greencheck  icon-greencheck  icon-greencheck  icon-greencheck
Programmability & Developer Tools  icon-greencheck icon-greencheck  icon-greencheck  icon-greencheck
(SQL Server Management Studio, Policy-based Management)
 icon-greencheck icon-greencheck  icon-greencheck icon-greencheck
Basic High Availability  icon-greencheck
icon-greencheck icon-greencheck icon-greencheck
Basic Corporate BI
(Reporting, Analytics, Multidimensional Semantic Model, Data Mining)
icon-greencheck icon-greencheck icon-greencheck
Self-Service Business Intelligence
(Alerting, Power View, PowerPivot for SharePoint Server)
icon-greencheck  icon-greencheck
Advanced Corporate BI
(Tabular BI Semantic Model, Advanced Analytics and Reporting, VertiPaq™ In-Memory Engine)
icon-greencheck  icon-greencheck
Advanced Data Integration
(Fuzzy Grouping and Lookup, Change Data Capture, Advanced Data Mining)
icon-greencheck icon-greencheck
Enterprise Data Mining
(Data Quality, Master Data Services)
 icon-greencheck icon-greencheck
Advanced Security
(Advanced Auditing, Transparent Data Encryption)
Data Warehousing
(ColumnStore Index, Compression, Partitioning)
Advanced High Availability
(Multiple, Active Secondaries; Multi-site, Geo-Clustering)


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