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For 19 years, businesses of all shapes and sizes have trusted Hostway with the security of their cloud and hosted IT infrastructure.  Hostway has the expertise to help you design, build and run a comprehensive set of security solutions optimized to meet your specific requirements – helping to maximize uptime, protect mission critical data and mitigate business risk.

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Managed Security Services

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Rest easy with Hostway’s 24x7x365 event monitoring & response coverage.

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Save money through lower infrastructure costs and reduced complexity.

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Avoid headaches of security breaches and position your company to adhere to compliance requirements.

Hostway Security & Compliance Solutions



Managed Firewalls

icon-stackThe first line of defense, preventing unauthorized users from accessing your network – allowing you to securely track, analyze and control the flow of data. Hostway also offers dedicated web application firewalls (WAF) to help protect your web apps by monitoring traffic and access attempts and blocking any malicious activity.


Intrusion Detection and Prevention

icon-eye-wIDS & IDPS captures and inspects all network traffic, whether it’s permitted or not. When potentially harmful traffic is detected—at either the IP or payload level—protective actions are automatically triggered.


SSL Certificates

icon-security-wSSL certificates are essential for building consumer confidence in the security of your website – helping to secure ecommerce transactions and protect your customers’ personal information.


Compliance Solutions

icon-checklist2-wIn addition to being a HIPAA compliant service provider, Hostway provides a variety of advanced security solutions to assist you in your pursuit of regulatory compliance, such as PCI and HIPAA.


Email Security & Compliance

icon-checklist-wMicrosoft email solutions help reduce your risk in the event of a breach or regulatory audit.

Dedicated Appliance Security Packages

Dedicated Appliance MSS Firewall IDPS MSS Web Protection Solutions for PCI/HIPAA
Managed Firewall icon-bigcheck icon-bigcheck icon-bigcheck icon-bigcheck
Managed IDS/IPS icon-bigcheck icon-bigcheck icon-bigcheck icon-bigcheck
SSL VPN Remote Users 1 user 5 users 4 users
Web Application Firewall icon-bigcheck icon-bigcheck
Log Management icon-bigcheck
8 devices
File Integrity Monitoring icon-bigcheck
8 devices
Vulnerability Scanning(quarterly) icon-bigcheck
10 Int / 6 Ext IPs
Included Support Requests per month 4 No Limit No Limit No Limit No Limit


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