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Dedicated Storage Solutions that Grow with Your Business

Hostway offers a range of customizable storage solutions designed to support a wide range of requirements. We house your data in our disaster recovery-ready, ultra secure data centers. You get a dependable, highly available and completely scalable storage environment for your critical data.

Fibre Channel

A Fiber Channel Clustering Solution involves servers communicating with the disk array through advanced Fiber Channel Protocol.

The dual-controller Dell/EMC storage solution provides provides high availability storage for two host clusters. Dual active storage processors, mirrored cache, N+1 redundancy cooling modules and dual hot-swappable power supplies help enable maximum uptime for business-critical applications. It provides superior application performance with front end host connectivity and improved I/O performance of SATA II disk drive technology.

Hostway: Storage Solutions - Fiber Channel

Direct Attached Storage (DAS)

The DAS system attaches a device directly to the server as an economical way to expand your storage. A DAS meets storage requirements for large amounts of static data, such as pictures, streaming videos and backup data.

The Dell PowerVault modular disk storage expansion enclosure is capable of up to 12 3.5-inch disk drives in a single 3U rackable chassis, and supports both SAS and SSD disk drives, enabling you to mix drives in a single enclosure, while the disk drives can also be split between two servers.

Hostway: Storage Solutions - Direct Attached Storage



An effective clustering storage solution can be used for load balancing and ensuring high availability of your data and critical applications.

Reduce the risk of downtime for better business results with the PowerVault MD3000 modular disk storage array. This direct-attached array is built for high performance two-node clusters. The array includes dual active/active RAID controllers with mirrored cache and multi-path I/O management to help ensure that storage processing continues without disruption.

Hostway: Storage Solutions - Clustering