Fully Managed VMWare Infrastructure with Cloud-like Benefits

Maintain superior performance and security while freeing up your IT department

Scalable, Flexible, Cost-effective Cloud Hosting

High Availability

Robust N+1 cluster architecture helps enable maximum uptime.

On-demand Scalability

Easily reallocate resources based on rapidly changing requirements.

Hosting Value

Feature-rich design, combined with rich Managed Service offerings.

Hostway Virtual Private Cloud Support Services

We are here to ensure your success. Hostway’s broad range of technical services enables you to get expert support when you need it.

  • Exceptional Service with 24x7x365 Phone and Email Support
  • Standard Proactive Infrastructure Incident, Problem, and Change Management
  • Advanced Application Monitoring
  • Managed Security
  • Virtual Server Migrations
  • Managed Data Protection
  • Virtual Server OS Support

Virtual Private Cloud or Dedicated Private Cloud

As a Virtual Private Cloud provider, Hostway aims to maximize ease of use. Our VMWare environment makes resource management fast and easy – delivering a familiar toolset and API for the control and flexibility needed to support a broad range of applications and workloads.

Easily control your VMWare environment and resources with a familiar VCloud toolset

Create hybrid solutions extending workloads into AWS or Azure

Hostway provides full management of your multi-cloud workloads  

Example Workloads

The Hostway Managed VMWare Cloud can be configured to support a broad range of business and IT requirements. Common Virtual Private Cloud use cases include Dev & Test, SaaS, SaaS Applications, and Central IT/BU Support.

Highly Compliant Environment

Easily manage isolated network groups, spin up and down VM’s, support DevOps mandate 

Dev & Test on same platform as Production  

Software as a Service (SaaS) Back End Systems

High Performance
Power to support massive concurrent user volume

Investment Protection
Architecture designed to grow with user-base 

Database Performance
Dedicated infrastructure and storage optimizations for high IOP databases  

IT Department

Central Management
Central IT creates environment and maintains control over resource pool

Local Control
Each business unit can access/control their own network group, empowered to run their own environments  

What Hostway Customers Say

It was important for us, from a VPC perspective, not to be sharing the environment with other clients and to have the flexibility to spin it up and down.

We had been using virtual machines on physical hosts for a while. In this setup, if the host has a problem, [then] all of the virtual machines hosted on that physical host have a problem. With Virtual Private Cloud, the servers that are supporting the environment are much more redundant.

Experience the Hostway Difference