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It’s Not All About the Cloud

Corporate IT departments are struggling to find the optimal environment for all of their applications since each of those applications have very unique requirements. Databases and predictable workloads are typically better on dedicated gear while other workloads are better in the cloud.

Building Online Growth Strategies for eCommerce in 2017

A lot goes into running your business online: site structure, analytics, payment gateways, hosting, marketing automation – the list goes on. But it’s crucial that you provide your customers with a seamless shopping and purchasing experience, regardless of the technology happening in the background. Hostway, Core dna, Fastly and Avalara bring together extensive knowledge in this area to teach you how you can achieve an outstanding omni-channel solution.

Preparing for DevOps – How To Lay the Foundation for Success

DevOps is rapidly gaining traction as a powerful methodology used by leading organizations to speed time to market, improve quality and increase an organization’s ability to innovate. Key to maximizing the value delivered through DevOps is building the right culture, implementing the right tools and reporting methodology and selecting the right cloud hosting provider.

Scorecard for Ecommerce Success

Learn how to win in the retail market. Hostway, Bronto, Digital Operative, Klevu and Nosto discuss practical steps to improve eCommerce revenue. This 40-minute panel discussion will give you quick tips for this holiday season, and help you plan your 2017 goals.

Ecommerce Security- Staying Ahead of the Threat

Through its partnerships with BAE Systems, Hostway offers a comprehensive security solution designed to remove the hassle and cost associated with securing your business and keeping your infrastructure up and running. With the constantly evolving threat landscape, it’s critical to architect an eCommerce solution based on industry best practices to proactively stay “ahead of the threat.

451 Research & Hostway Services: How to Select the Best Cloud Hosting Platform for your App

In a Hybrid world, there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” cloud hosting solution. In this highly informative webinar, 451 Research and Hostway discuss the drivers of Hybrid IT and how to select the Best Execution Venue (BEV) for your app. In addition, a practical framework is provided to help maximize the effectiveness of your cloud migration.

Meeting the Challenge: Protecting Your Business from Cybercriminals

In our data-driven world, the security threats to your information are evolving quickly, and a single attack can cripple your business. You can easily become a data-hacking victim of opportunity in the hands of a cyber criminal. BAE, a leader in online security protection, has come together with Hostway to discuss the realities of cyber-crime. Learn how you can protect yourself and your online assets with a constantly evolving outsourced security plan that eliminates the need to manage an on-premise solution.

Maximizing Availability of Mission Critical Apps in the Cloud

Cloud technology creates numerous ways for businesses to be more efficient. But it’s not a one-size-fits-all proposition – your ideal cloud deployment must account for its specific workload and business goals. Hostway and Veeam team up for this webinar on maintaining high availability of mission-critical applications, and how Microsoft Azure-based Private Cloud solutions help minimize downtime, secure data integrity and keep your business running.

OX App Suite Live Product Tour

This online tutorial will help understand how to make the most of Hostway’s new email and collaboration solution, OX App Suite. We will walk you through the enhanced communication features of OX Mail, and the productivity enhancements.

Application Monitoring – More Than Just Peace of Mind

Imagine if you had something in place that notified you of that outage 10 hours ago… What is monitoring? Why is it important? How can it help?

Can You Be a Stellar Reseller?

This webinar outlines the details and benefits of becoming a Hostway Reseller. Watch this recording to see if the new Hostway Reseller Partner Program is right for you.

Living In Your Own Cloud – Where Do You Belong on the Cloud Continuum?

Senior Cloud Product Manager, John Hamner, discusses the various Microsoft cloud options in play, and how the enhancements of Windows Azure Pack factor in. We’ll review the capabilities of Virtual Private Cloud, Dedicated Private Cloud and public cloud, laying out who should use what and why.

Your Exit Strategy For Windows Server 2003

Microsoft’s End-of-Life date for the sinking ship of Windows Server 2003 is near. You probably understand the implications: No patches, no compliance, no security updates. You know it’s time to act. In this webinar, learn the different levels of migrations and how service providers can help.

AMI Partners Shares Secrets of Profitable Cloud Resellers

SMBs are looking at reselling cloud and need guidance. AMI-Partners, a global strategy consulting firm specializing in IT and telecommunications, will share what the opportunities are for cloud resellers, what cloud solutions SMBs are investing in, and how SMBs are buying these solutions.

Reseller Revolution – Expand Your Product Offering and Revenues with Private-Label Cloud and Apps

Break free from the shackles of conventional reseller relationship and empower yourself with Cloud Connex. Learn how Hostway´s new reseller and partner platform, Cloud Connex can help your business easily resell cloud based services under your own brand, and increase recurring revenue streams. In this live platform demo we will explain the benefits and features.

Get Found. Get Followed. Building an Online Audience for Your Business

In this two part webinar series learn about tactical ways to promote your online business.

Reseller Revolution — Expand Your Product Offering and Revenues with Private-Label Cloud and Apps

Break free from the shackles of conventional reseller relationship and empower yourself with Cloud Connex. Learn how Hostway´s new reseller and partner platform, Cloud Connex can help your business easily resell cloud based services under your own brand, and increase recurring revenue streams. In this live platform demo we will explain the benefits and features.

Explore Cloud Connex

Brian White, Channel Account Manager, walks through Cloud Connex our private-lable reseller platform. Learn how the platform allows you to set pricing, branding, and easily bill customers.

Why SoMoLo is Critical For Your Business

Hostway’s Senior Online Marketing Manager Alison Brehme defines SoMoLo, explain the drivers of this movement, and give you tips on how to capitalize on the Social, Mobile, Local marketing phenomenon.

Gain an Advantage by Building a Scalable Magento Foundation

In partnership with Logicbroker, Hostway presents the importance of supporting your Magento front-end with proper hosting and back-end integration.

8 Ways to Use Case Studies to Market Your Company

Hostway sponsors Austin Freelance Writer’s Amanda Farmer in our first snack break webinar. She presents on how to creatively turn case studies in to lead generation and marketing tools.

Am I Ready? Using a Database to Enhance Your Business Performance

In partnership with Databerry and Microsoft, Hostway presents on the benefits of using a database for your business. We help you understand if a database is the right choice for you, the benefits of SQL Server 2012 and if you are a current user how you can take your current SQL Server to the next level.

Corporate Email: A Risky Business Without Security

Learn what steps you can take to ensure your company is up to date on email security protocol and how you can maintain compliance and protect your mission-critical information.




Multi-FaaSited Approach to the Cloud

June 11, 2012
Learn the advantages of utilizing a single surface of connected APIs for multiple cloud products.

Recovery in the Cloud

January 20, 2011
Learn about disaster recovery considerations, key terminologies, costs and other relevant information for recovery in the cloud.

Virtualization in a Multipurpose Commercial Data Center

December 6, 2010
Discover current trends and challenges surrounding moving to the cloud.

SEO Tool Kit

Get an overview of SEO, best practices, and how the IIS Toolkit can help.

Customer Centric Virtualization – Windows Server 2008 R2

Read about the launch of Hostway’s virtualization project.




Hollobaugh speaks on Small Business Digest Podcast

Hostway Marketing and Sales VP Aaron Hollobaugh discusses how small businesses can get their message heard, mainly through enhancing the accessibility of the message to the target audience and bringing personality to that content.

Cloud Hosting for the SMB Market

This 45-minute podcast features Paul Tiech, Senior Analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy. He specializes in hyperscale data centers and cloud technologies, as well as Big Data. He also recently served as a Marketing Fellow in Advanced Micro Devices’ (AMD) Corporate Strategy group, capping two decades at AMD in marketing, planning, and strategy roles. In this podcast he discusses the demand for cloud hosting and its relevance to the SMB market. Joining him are technology bloggers Ernesto Pellegrino and Luigi Tiano (1cloudroad.com), Aaron Paxson (myteneo.net), Jeffrey Powers (geekazine.com) and John Obeto (absolutelywindows.com).

Cloud Computing Podcast

This 5-minute TMCNet podcast features Hostway VP of Hosted Services Todd Benjamin talking about the benefits of cloud hosting.

NetDBAs Podcast

This 5-minute podcast hosted by TMCNet discusses the benefits of hosted servers with Hostway VP of Hosted Services Todd Benjamin.

451 Report on Hostway Rolling Out Hybrid Cloud

Hostway rolling out hybrid cloud based on the full Windows Azure picture.

Managed Server Hosting: Build It or Buy It?

The question still reigns for most growing companies regarding the decision to build in-house infrastructure or utilize third party providers.

Cloud Can Be Leveraged for Disaster Recovery

Cloud computing has changed the economics of disaster recovery and business continuity options.

How Compliance Impacts Backup Strategy

Organizations of all sizes and shapes must comply with government and industry regulations.

How to Successfully Add Cloud Services as a Revenue Stream

Cloud Opportunities Are Huge… Are you interested in reselling cloud services? What about selling cloud-based applications? If so, you’re in good company.

SOCIAL. MOBILE. LOCAL: Why SoMoLo is Critical for Your Business

SoMoLo is an acronym for Social, Mobile and Local marketing. In our unified context, it describes the ways people interact in our technologically
savvy society.