May 15, 2009

Search Engine Optimizers


Hostway Team

Increasing search engine rank is such a hot topic today that an entire industry of search engine optimizers has sprung up to help people increase their Web site’s rank with the most popular search engines.

Hiring a reputable search engine optimizer can have a positive effect on your Web site’s rank among search engine results. Because they’re professionals, search engine optimizers know how Google, Yahoo Search and MSN Search index Web sites and rank them in search results. Appearing high on those results pages could generate enough sales to justify the cost of a search engine optimizer.

Watch Out!

Before you hire a search engine optimizer, investigate the methods they use and the claims they make. If they use methods that “trick the system,” they can get your Web site banned from a search engine.

Find a Reputable Search Engine Optimizer

To make sure you find a reputable search engine consultant, make sure you can answer these questions about the firms:

  • What is their Web site’s rank in the search engines?
  • What methods do they use to increase search engine rank?
  • How many years of experience do they have?
  • How many Web sites have they optimized for search engines?
  • Do they guarantee top rankings?
  • What linking strategies do they use?
  • Will they require changes to the Web site code?

In addition, check out Google’s Help Center for more tips to help you find a good search engine optimizer.

Do It Yourself

Learn how you can increase your search engine rank yourself.

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