March 5, 2010

Should I List Products on Freebie and Discount Sites?


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By Jen Brister

If you have a small business Web site, you already know that promoting your Web site will be a major part of your online success. If you have no traffic, you can have no sales. One way that some businesses are getting more traffic to their Web sites is to include their discounts and promotions on freebie and coupon sites.

According to the Google Keyword Tool, the term "online freebies" is searched almost 10,000 times per month. Considering that this is just one keyword phrase out of hundreds that lead people to the Web's top freebie sites, you can imagine the potential traffic for just this one keyword phrase. Another query shows that the keyword phrase "online coupon codes" is searched for over 74,000 times per month. Since coupon and freebie sites are being used by almost all demographics, it's important for you to get your business listed on these sites.

Using Freebie Web Sites

In order to be listed on a freebie Web site, you must first create a legitimate freebie that is offered on your company Web site. This can be an actual product or simply a free email newsletter or guide. In most cases, buy one get one free offers cannot be listed on a freebie Web site. Once you have placed your freebie offer on your Web site, you can then begin submitting your offer to various freebie sites on the web. To submit your offer, look for a link on the site that says "Submit your Freebie" or simply use the Web site's contact form.

Using Coupon Web Sites

Getting a listing on a coupon Web site is relatively easy to do. First, you should speak with your Webmaster about adding a coupon code to your shopping cart. Most shopping cart software allows you to quickly and easily add a place for coupon codes to your checkout. Once you have your coupon codes added to your Web site, you will need to submit the codes to coupon Web sites online. To do this, look for a "Submit your Coupon" link on the coupon Web site or send an email through the Web site's contact form.

Tracking Conversion Rates

When using coupon codes, it's easy to track conversion rates for your Web site. Use a coupon code that is unique to the coupon code sites that you are using to find out which sites are sending the most traffic and converting to sales. If you are promoting a freebie, you can use a URL redirect to send traffic from the freebie site to your Web site. This is a great way to find out exactly how much traffic is coming from freebie sites and whether or not they take advantage of your offer.

Using freebie and coupon sites will not only drive traffic back to your company Web site, it will also provide valuable backlinks to your site which will increase your search engine rankings. Using this twofold approach will help you to get the word out about your site and offer something of value to your customers. Studies have shown that customers who feel that they have received a great value are very likely to return to the source for more. Use the power of your Web site to keep them coming back.

About the Author

Jen Brister has been a writer, researcher and Internet marketer for three years. She makes her living writing full time, publishing videos and creating Web sites.

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