March 8, 2010

Social Search and SEO


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By Sangeeta Deogawanka

You have established an online presence with your own business’s Web site. The feedback is terrific, and the growth potential enormous. So you want to optimize your Web site for business development. Obviously, the next step would be to tap the social media platform.

Social media simply integrates your online presence in a seamless structure. Not only is your product information on display, but also your customer dialogue from various social content and blogs.

Google’s Social Search, the latest buzz in social marketing, may be a good tool to boost your business’s Web site. With personalized search results, your "public social graph" is on display to tell everything about your business. This means that all that work you have put in for social media profile building will finally pay off, big time.

Build an Effective Social Media Road Map

Social search helps you map and monitor your online buzz. Your search results can be used to devise a strategic mix of social media and search engine optimization (SEO), to establish an effective marketing road map.

As Google’s Social Search uses social content on blogs, social news, Wikis, image sharing platforms, consumer review forums and other networking and social sites, you can devise a plan for high Web site traffic that translates into business growth.

Improve Customer Relations and Brand Loyalty

The Google Social Search results help you discover your audience and study customer behavior patterns. Through communities and Web sites relevant to your product or company, you can build a positive relationship for customer loyalty.

Awareness, publicity and user generated content (UGC) through online conversations and networking sites, support brand loyalty for your business. You can actually drive online discussions to get a positive social search result.

Optimize Your Networking Efforts

Google Social Search brings to the fore your social content and networking, to reach out to a wider audience base. The more followers you have on Twitter, Facebook, Buzz, StumbleUpon, Newsvine or Digg, the more exposure your Web site and business get.

Social News Marketing

If you have launched a product, or want to drive traffic to a call to action or information, your social media presence can be tapped for optimal results.

Extend Value of Your Investment

With well-optimized and user-generated social content, you can manage your online social and business profile. More links add thrust to your optimization work. A highly active and targeted social profile thus yields a top-ranked search engine result page (SERP). News content that uses social news and channels also brings about links to your company Web site. Besides, your business promotion plans that fund social media campaigns also benefit from the extensive social outreach.

Google’s Social Search adds a real-time social thread to your business outreach. Used in conjunction with optimization drivers and various online platforms, it can drive your business' Web site ahead of competition.

About the Author

The author is a freelance business consultant, offering her expertise in traffic analyzing for revenue driven Web site modeling, Ad procurement and online marketing.

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