May 13, 2009

Spam and Virus Software


Hostway Team

Whether it's your personal or business computer, having spam and virus software could save you a great deal of trouble and money. A virus could bring down your entire system while spyware and malware can give criminals the ability to access all of your information or even take control of your computer. A spam filter can save you time by flagging and sorting unsolicited emails from your important messages.

Antivirus Software

While viruses remain a threat, spyware and other types of malware have become more common on the Internet today. Current antivirus software screens your computer and your email messages for both viruses and malware.

The software uses two different methods to protect you from malicious code. First, it checks all files against an extensive virus dictionary that needs to be updated as new malware and viruses are discovered. If the software identifies suspicious code, it isolates it and gives you the option to delete it from your computer. Antivirus software also looks for suspicious behavior from your computer programs to identify possible infections.

Spam Filters

Spam filters can save you the headache of sorting through hundreds of unwanted and dangerous email messages by alerting you to the potentially harmful content. Often, these filters separate spam into a separate folder or mailbox so you can make sure nothing was incorrectly labeled and delete the rest.

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